Overspending, Again.

Right, yes I went shopping and spent too much on very little, damn. I should be saving for a holiday to Ibiza in July (emphasis on the should), but when you're in a city and there's so many shops you love, it's hard!
First shop I popped into was Boots and I literally had these written on my list of 'must buys' - the Real Techniques Bold Metals: Tapered Blush & Oval Shadow brushes. They just look like the most beautiful brushes ever and I just love how fancy they looked! I bought the Oval shadow brush with the intention of using it for concealer under my eyes, because it looks the perfect size - side note; since taking these photos I have in fact used that brush for the said intention, and it works perfectly, woo.With the tapered brush, I'm not going to lie, I kind of panic bought it because it looked nice and it was the last one on the shelf - I'll find a use for it, I'm sure!
Next I went into the Harvey Nichols beauty hall *swoon*. As I have troubled skin I thought a small investment in skincare is allowed, so when I saw the Dermalogica counter, I thought a quick look wouldn't hurt. As I was looking, the lady working there suggested giving me a Skin Mapping to figure out which type of products would be best. I eventually bought the Precleanse & Oil Free Matte SPF 30 - Both good for the problem skin, both good for clearing the skin; *thumbs up*
As my local Superdrug doesn't sell Essie, I just had to pick one up whilst the chance was there;
I chose Mezmerised. It's a shiny, royal blue and with Sapphire being my birthstone, I think I subconsciously bought this with that in mind. I have it on my nails in the above photo, and I have to say it's a very classy shade, and as ever it's an amazing formula and last a lot longer then any other nail varnish I've tried *thumbs up again*
Finally I went to lush, how cliché. I know, I know every man and his dog is in love with Lush at the moment, oh well *jumps on bandwagon*. First I went straight for the bath bombs and bought Unicorn Horn & The Comforter . The Unicorn Horn bath bomb or bath melt or whatever it is, just looks amazing - only reason it was put in my basket! The Comforter thought smells like Ribena, the drink I practically live on (no joke) so I actually had to restrain myself from putting the whole pile in my basket!
After puting some stereotypical lush products in my basket, I went for something different, that I knew I needed to find - H'suan Wen Hua. Its serum you put in your hair 20 minutes before a shower, and is apt for damaged/dry hair. I probably wouldn't have gone for it if I was just browsing the shop, but after reading Zoe London's Post, I was instantly convinced! I can't give any full review yet, but I would note it smells DISGUSTING, like seriously vile; oh well it is all natural after all!


  1. I love dermalogica but it's just sooo expensive :((

  2. Oh god I know its ridiculously expensive! If only it was cheaper id have bought a lot more of the range to be honest! xx