Black Panther

[[Top//Topshop, Skirt//Zara (old) & Shoes//Next (old)]]

~ I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour ~

Wow Lisa's wearing black! - see I can wear other colours aside from pink haha
On Sunday, Mothers Day - Me and My Mum took a trip to our local 'Hickory's' Restaurant - think, BBQ Ribs, Stacked Burgers & Brisket *drools* and I literally left with a food coma!
After last weekends ~not~ so fun trip out on the town, it was lovely to spend some quality 'mum & daughter time'. I opted to wear all black for some reason and with my mum wear a black dress as well we literally looked like we were coming from a funeral (we didn't get any funny looks so as was well!)
Personally, I absolutely LOVE spending time with my mum, she's my best friend. Some use the 'my mum's my best friend, I tell her everything' tag too loose nowadays. But, I'm completely serious, there is no one I love more than laughing, talking and even people watching with (seriously we're great at that) than with my mum. She's the bravest, most hardworking and selfless women I know, yes everyone is going to say this about their mothers, but if I turn out to be half the women she is, then I'll be the happiest women on earth.
Happy ~later~ Mothers Day to all those wonderfully mothers out there, you're doing great.

Next Night

I've come to realise that over the past few months I've been going through a rough patch in my whirlwind romance with alcohol.

On Friday the 6th me and six friends ventured the streets of Liverpool to let our hair down and dance. But, it didn't quite go to plan, I drank too much rosé and yagerbombs and the night pasted in a blur of being sick and wanting to go home - and that's how every night out for me has been since I turned eighteen in September. Don't get me wrong I'm all up for a good night, but since being able to go to clubs and bars drinking I've realised I just don't find it fun.
Above I'm wearing a new Next dress, with my khaki, long jacket and metallic heels. Before going I loved the getting all dolled up and feeling pretty, but once out I just don't feel comfortable. Is this normal for an 18 year old to hate going out drinking?
Right now I'm in year 13/last year of sixth form and its now the norm to go out drinking, but throughout year 12/first year of sixth form there was forever a house party to go to, this being a very regular occurrence. It used to be the majority of my friends and few from my year I didn't now properly, and it used to be so much fun because I'd socialise with all my friends have a few drinks and genuinely have such a great night. But since we've all turned eighteen everyone wants to go out. To go from the security of a friends house to big clubs full of people I don't know, just doesn't appeal to me one bit. If you gave me the option of a Spa day or a Night out, I'd jump at the spa day is what I'm saying!
See what I mean when I say my love affair with alcohol is going through a rough patch haha. Basically, past me my pj's and put Ant and Dec on TV on a Saturday night and I'll be the happiest girl alive


Heading for Spring

 [l-r: Barry M Ridley Road, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream & Topshop Hanky Panky]

 It's the first of March, which officially marks the first day of Spring - *looks out of window; rain and wind, spring...really?*

I have to say, I adore spring. The weather warms up (slightly), lambs are being born in the green fields left right and centre (well, here in Wales they obviously do) and everything generally lightens up. Not to mention Easter being round the corner, which means there are bunny rabbit themed thing EVERYWHERE *happiness*. I love love love bunny rabbits, and dream of one day owning a little ball of fluffy. Seriously, I have a Pinterest board with 90 pins of bunny rabbits.. what can I say, I will own a house bunny one day, I will, will!

Anyway, moving on to what this post is actually about (lol shut up with the rabbit talk Lisa!)
As the colours and tones of spring scream pastels every year, what better way to rock this trend then on your nails. Here are a selection of my favourites that creep in every year (like seriously, I've had the light blue one for five years #stillgoingstrong)

First, the blues and cool toned shades. Aside from pink, I adore light blue, its such a lovely shade and with my wardrobe, it literally matches anything. The Barry M, Textured Nail Paints in Ridley Road, which is a light light turquoise, leaves a sand-like effect on the nails once dry. I adore this nail varnish and its so vibrant and I honestly get so many complements once its on. Also, because its such a light colour, it can go with anything.. (not to mention the fact it looks like mint choc chip ice cream ;) ) Another Barry M shade for Spring is Blueberry Ice Cream, which is pastel blue. I actually bought this for a festival in 2010, and its still going strong today! Ok yes, it may be a tiny big gloopy, but still Barry M, know how to make a long lasting formula. I love this nail varnish shade for this time of year because, again its very vibrant, and with a top coat, lasts quite long time.. perfect! Finally, is the Topshop Matte Nails, in Hanky Panky. Its a strange one this, because I love it, but I just can't get used to the matte finish! Its more of a subtle blue compared to the previous two,  and reminds me of bluebells in a field. Its a lovely shade, although because you can't put a regular top coat on it, it chips quite easily.. perfect for one night out though! Just the matte finish... love it, but very strange hmmm!

[l-r Essie Muchi Munchi, Barry M Marshmallow & Rimmel Ultra Violet] 

Now to the more pinky shades. First is the Essie Munchi Munchi, which I think I've mentioned like fifty times before on this blog, but seriously an amazing shade. The colours is a very subtle light pink, and once on, you can kind of still see the nail, even with two coats. Although I think this gives it an elegant touch, as its such a toned down shade (reminding me a bit of the ballet, probably the tutus!) Essie has such an amazing formula, that it can last for days and mean a good 4-5, but because this is so pale, even if it does chip, its hard to even notice. Next along is the Barry M Confetti Nails in Marshmallow, which can be worn on its own or on top of a base colour. I bought this last year and mentioned it in my mid-October favourites, and as I mentioned, its literally, as the name suggested, like confetti on the nails. I personally love it on its own, but two or even three are a necessity to really coat the nails in it. Side note though - its a nightmare to get off, the confetti bits go EVERYWHERE! Finally, the Rimmel PRO in Ultra Violet. Its, again a very subtle shade and quite muted, though the formula is insanely good. I only ever need to apply one coat and its fully covered the nails. I feel violet is a very versatile shade, meaning it can be both a day and night shade. Perfect for the beach, Perfect for an evening out, beautiful!

If you have any Spring Nails colours you love for this time of year, let me now in the comments :)


 [Left: l-r:  Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M Ridley Road, Topshop Hanky Panky]
[Right: l-r Barry M Marshmallow & Rimmel Ultra Violet & Essie Muchi Munchi]