Formula One

[L-R; 111, 107, 101, 'Red Nose Day Red']

Yes, it may be Sunday, but here I am going to be talking about a whole different kind of formula.. a certain lipstick formula.

Ok, ok technically the title should be 'One Formula', but my inner sport-loving nerd came out and I just couldn't resist!
If there is one brand of lipstick I can hand on heart say I adore is the genius collaboration between Rimmel London & Kate Moss, with their bootiful range of matte, bold and all round amazing lip shades. Here I have 6 shades (7 if you count the two 020's I own - lets just say, I lost it, re-purchased it and subsequently found the said missing one, lols)
as you can see they have all been very well loved - well minus the 107, I lost it and had to re-purchase it a few weeks back (I definitely lost that one *broken heart emoji*)
With all the red toned shades, they are all very different, 111 is a classic red in comparison to 107 which is more of a red wine shade. With the 101 shade, I almost have never wear it in winter or autumn, it is a bright Coral after all!
 The Red Nose Day one (on the end) was bought this year because yano when your fav lipstick brand team up with a charity, it'd just be plain rude not to buy it... my money did go to the less fortunate so no arguments there!
On the whole, all the above are extremely pigmented and last literally all day, when I say all day, I mean all day! As I am a strong, strong hater of lipgloss, these are an absolute favourite because they never feel sticky on the lips or dry them out..

[L-R; 020, 05, 020 (again, ha!]

Also, I have 2 pink shades.. well three if you just read my little story above ;) Although, as you can see from the picture, both 020 shades have been well used, lets just say its very very nice on! The 020 is a very bright, fushia pink, though honestly I don't find it too flashy (I have some seriously no-go pink shades in my make up bag.. ones that are so bright you'd look out of place in a UV neon paint party!) but this is a all year round, bright pink that works well with any outfit.. well I wouldn't wear it with a red dress, but you catch my drift ha!
The final shade I own (well, for now!) is 05, its a very subtle pink, with hints of gold-y brown-y shades in it. I use this for school (make up effecting education?, urgh that's an argument for another day) because its a very toned down colour, this colour matches any outfit.. even red!

[L-020 & R-107]

Out of all the above, the shades I get the most use of is definitely 020 & 107, this is basically as I can wear them all year round and a very staple, bold shades... because what's an outfit without a statement bold lip, eh?



  1. I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, i need more! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I need more as well! Seriously love them haha

  3. The Kate Moss lipsticks are definitely one of my faves, the formula is awesome! I think 107 is my fave shade out of them, although I don't own it right now!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. 107 is seriously amazing! Consider it a small investment if youre in Boots/Superdrug next ;) hahaha!! Xx