March 2015 | Favourites

So, with it officially being the 1st of April and March being over I felt it was time to reflect on a few of my favourite things. March was strange one, the weather has been turning nice (well the sun did make an appearance a few times believe it or not), the clocks have turned forward and well, yano 5 became 4 #byezayn (my inner 15 year old's heart shattered)
Amidst all of this, there have been a few items, both beauty and beyond that have made an appearance in my daily life, the first being the YSL Black Opium perfume. The bottle had me at hello and the scent is beyond lurvlyyyy; a daily spritz was the norm for March.
Dermalogica is a brand I've mention in a previous post, and after basically using this everyday (seriously) I can well and truly say it is a lifelong favourite (ww how dramatic) Its an oil formula that you rub all over your face over foundation to remove it at the end of the day; it fights sport and leaves my face as soft as anything, 'mazin
As you may know, I'm in sixth form (uch) and suddenly the teacher have become strict on make up.. yep a few months before the end of term #logic. So I've had to abandon the bright lippy and tone down, boo. But, alls not lost, because this Tom Ford Lipstick (yes the one I've mentioned umpteen times) is a perfect sheer-yet-still-has-a-hint-or pink to it, plus its glittery; bonus.
Favourites that aren't necessarily beauty is this Bunny Rabbit scarf. My mum bought it for me because I'm a bit obsessed with bunnies, so naturally I've worn this a lot.. #soRocknRoll.
I've been drinking a lot fruit tea for quite a while now, but have never really ventured further then Twining's, but after a random trip to Marks & Spencer's I picked up this Cranberry & Pomegranate Tea. It tastes so much more natural compared to other I've tried before, plus the tea is actually in what appears to be a silk bag.. how fancy.
Finally is Lush, well not Lush specifically, but their Bath bombs rather because I have seriously loved having a bath recently. Every Friday for a few weeks now, at around 7.30, I've lit candles, pour a big glass of rosé, popped in a few bath bombs and seriously let all my troubles float away in sea of peace and relaxation. Well, I've had Natasha Bedingfield blaring and sang Unwritten at the top of my voice... its very satisfying ill tell you that!



  1. I kind of love that scarf...where did you get it from? :) I'm sure M and S Green Tea is amazing, I'll have to check out their range ASAP, great post! :) x

    1. My mum got me the scarf from a little shop near where I live, no idea the brand or anything tho! Yep M&S very good tea hahaha xx

  2. Your scarf is in my favorite color of blue! How cute! And that Tom Ford lipstick is in a very gorgeous shade! x

    Truly Yours, Kyle | trulyyourskyle