Changing Its Spots


Right, one things for certain, I'm definitely not the most natural when it comes to posing and strutting my stuff for the camera.. I'm just that little bit too awkward at the moment hahaha
Anyway, lets focus on what I'm wearing rather than how I'm standing! Summer is finally starting to appear (how the hell is it June tomorrow, say wuuuut) and I actually donned clear tights; gone (for now) are the black woollies and out come the 15 denier! I feel as if my inner Pat Butcher/ wannabe Alexa Chung, came out in this outfit as I tried to lighten things up in my wardrobe. I'll admit, this Topshop leopard print skirt is a little daring aaand just that little bit too short - there wasn't a size 8 in the tall version but I really wanted; I can definitely make do with it being just that inch or so to short ;). So to not be too out there (I was only going for a coffee with my friend that day after all) I wore a basic Zara top with lace/floral ish sleeves and some silver brogues...
I finished this outfit off with a long, brown trench coat, which kind of made me look like I wasn't wearing a skirt.. oops - (plus I managed to NOT get coffee down my white top.. 10 points for Gryffindor)


The Perfect Bath

 Baths.. they've fast become my perfect Friday next activity (crazy 18 year old over here). While others my age are dressed to the nines and throwing shapes in the clubs, I'm making my way through my Spotify playlist and singing the content of it a little too loudly in comfort of my own bathroom.. The gist of this is, I just LOVE a good ol'bath.
First I like to create a relaxing atmosphere and what better way then to spread about a dozen candles right around the edge. I literally use ALL the candles I can find from my house and light every single one, it smells amazing I'll tell you that. Adding in the bath bombs and you literally will nearly fall asleep. As with everyone nowadays, I've fallen in love with Lush bath bombs (oh how stereotypically girly of me). But seriously, there bubbles bars are from another planet, you crumble about half of it under the water and about a million bubbles develop as the bath runs! - once you get in the bath, it  seriously feels so so soft.
Once I've run my bath, I fling my hair up into the highest bun I can muster, I pour myself a glass of rosé (I don't like to drink often, but I make an exception for my baths!) and blare that playlist of mine to the max (oh god did I just type 'to the max'; hello this is the 90's calling...) Then I sit back and enjoy the hot blanket of soft bubbly water, with all the worries from the week previous slipping away... quite literally for about 40 minutes - ok typing this is making me want to run another bath right now.. now that's an idea!

5 Shoe Staples

 [Silver Pumps: Next (similar), Jewelled Pumps: Boden ]
When it comes to shoes, the bolder the better I say.. yes there comes a day when all you want to do is fling on a pair of old trainers and seek nothing but comfort. But on those days where a killer look is being channelled, I feel nothing is more daring then a great pair on your feet. Here, are my 5 Staples from my shoe rack that give a little oomph to any plain top and jeans combo.
First are my pointy, silver Next flats; I'm not going to lie, when I put them on a feel a little bit of a Rockstar..(well as close as) When teamed with black jeans and a plain blouse, they at a subtle bit of glamour to a look without need for being too daring; silver shoes are definitely the way forward. Next, are my favourite ever shoes, ones I will cherish forever and always feel a million dollar when wearing.. my Boden jewelled flats. They were a little bit of an investment (they went into the sale and were about £20 cheaper the day after I bought them, I was not happy!) I have literally not found anything in my wardrobe that these don't go with, as they are gold, I feel its a very neutral colour to match with anything; more gold included (why not)
 Below are some electric heeled boot for the more sophisticated look, think more along the lines of skinny cigarette trousers or a straight dress. I find these to add life to the black, white and grey combo.. adds a pop of colour without being over the top. Going in the opposite direction, my pastel blue heels are perfect for adding to more colour to a light outfit. Think, pastel yellows and pinks or lacy tops. They're a soft enough colour to really stand out and rock the spring trend. Finally, is my most recent purchase, my brown Zara flats; perfect for any outfit.. because yano what don't brown shoes match? The detailing in the middle, stops these from being just another pair of boring brown flats and go well with whitewash denim.. well in my opinion anyway..

 [Blue Heeled Boots & Pastel Blue Boots: Next (both sold out!), Brown Flats: Zara ]

Homemade Orange Facmask for Acne Prone Skin

Are you acne prone like me? chances are you're exactly like me and always have those niggly ones in obvious places (like the chin, boo) that makes you feel just that bit more insecure (god, society and its high standards, eh?) Well, whilst having a little browse on the internet I came across a website full of home remedies for acne prone skin. Having skipped the ones telling me to slather honey on my face (I'll save that for another day) I came across one which consisted of oranges and water.. that's it. So, in a vain attempt to be rid of these pesky spots I tried this homemade orange facemask; not only did it result in a very citrusy smelling and healthy feeling face, but my kitchen smelt of an orange juice factory for about three days.. suppose its not the worst smelling scent to have linger.. better than burnt pizza (cough cough)
Anyway; if you'd like to attempt this simple wont-take-longer-than-10-minutes-to-prepare orange facemask, read on...

For this I'd say about 1 and half oranges is enough; if you'd like a big pot of facemask then at more, but I used 1 1/2 oranges and it was enough to cover my whole face with a little spare.. Also, a small bowl, a spoon, a knife, a chopping board and a blender.

Cut the oranges in half, and slice across, under the segment to get rid of the actual orange itself; its the orange peel you need...

Place the orange peels in the blender and blender for about a minute, make sure to shake the blender quite rigorously - make sure every last bit is blended (Its a good bingo-wing work out shaking the blender I'll tell you that!!) Once all of the peel is blended into tiny piece, add around 5 ml of water, then repeat a couple times more.. be patient and don't added too much water at one time, the consistency will be too runny if so.
Once finished tip into a bowl; it should be a paste like consistency and able to stick your face somewhat. My tip is to keep your head tilted back when you applying so it doesn't spill on the floor! Once applied to the face, keep on for around 20 minutes and wash off with water (apply moisturiser next if you wish) Whilst on the skin, it should feel slightly tingly, but I've read that vitamin C in the oranges promote the growth of health skin cells, so work well for ridding of the acne.. sounds good to me!
So if you do attempt this cheddar-cheese looking face mask (or orange sick as my mum thought) I hope it helps rid of acne and help it NEVER return!!