5 Shoe Staples

 [Silver Pumps: Next (similar), Jewelled Pumps: Boden ]
When it comes to shoes, the bolder the better I say.. yes there comes a day when all you want to do is fling on a pair of old trainers and seek nothing but comfort. But on those days where a killer look is being channelled, I feel nothing is more daring then a great pair on your feet. Here, are my 5 Staples from my shoe rack that give a little oomph to any plain top and jeans combo.
First are my pointy, silver Next flats; I'm not going to lie, when I put them on a feel a little bit of a Rockstar..(well as close as) When teamed with black jeans and a plain blouse, they at a subtle bit of glamour to a look without need for being too daring; silver shoes are definitely the way forward. Next, are my favourite ever shoes, ones I will cherish forever and always feel a million dollar when wearing.. my Boden jewelled flats. They were a little bit of an investment (they went into the sale and were about £20 cheaper the day after I bought them, I was not happy!) I have literally not found anything in my wardrobe that these don't go with, as they are gold, I feel its a very neutral colour to match with anything; more gold included (why not)
 Below are some electric heeled boot for the more sophisticated look, think more along the lines of skinny cigarette trousers or a straight dress. I find these to add life to the black, white and grey combo.. adds a pop of colour without being over the top. Going in the opposite direction, my pastel blue heels are perfect for adding to more colour to a light outfit. Think, pastel yellows and pinks or lacy tops. They're a soft enough colour to really stand out and rock the spring trend. Finally, is my most recent purchase, my brown Zara flats; perfect for any outfit.. because yano what don't brown shoes match? The detailing in the middle, stops these from being just another pair of boring brown flats and go well with whitewash denim.. well in my opinion anyway..

 [Blue Heeled Boots & Pastel Blue Boots: Next (both sold out!), Brown Flats: Zara ]

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