Changing Its Spots


Right, one things for certain, I'm definitely not the most natural when it comes to posing and strutting my stuff for the camera.. I'm just that little bit too awkward at the moment hahaha
Anyway, lets focus on what I'm wearing rather than how I'm standing! Summer is finally starting to appear (how the hell is it June tomorrow, say wuuuut) and I actually donned clear tights; gone (for now) are the black woollies and out come the 15 denier! I feel as if my inner Pat Butcher/ wannabe Alexa Chung, came out in this outfit as I tried to lighten things up in my wardrobe. I'll admit, this Topshop leopard print skirt is a little daring aaand just that little bit too short - there wasn't a size 8 in the tall version but I really wanted; I can definitely make do with it being just that inch or so to short ;). So to not be too out there (I was only going for a coffee with my friend that day after all) I wore a basic Zara top with lace/floral ish sleeves and some silver brogues...
I finished this outfit off with a long, brown trench coat, which kind of made me look like I wasn't wearing a skirt.. oops - (plus I managed to NOT get coffee down my white top.. 10 points for Gryffindor)


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