Homemade Orange Facmask for Acne Prone Skin

Are you acne prone like me? chances are you're exactly like me and always have those niggly ones in obvious places (like the chin, boo) that makes you feel just that bit more insecure (god, society and its high standards, eh?) Well, whilst having a little browse on the internet I came across a website full of home remedies for acne prone skin. Having skipped the ones telling me to slather honey on my face (I'll save that for another day) I came across one which consisted of oranges and water.. that's it. So, in a vain attempt to be rid of these pesky spots I tried this homemade orange facemask; not only did it result in a very citrusy smelling and healthy feeling face, but my kitchen smelt of an orange juice factory for about three days.. suppose its not the worst smelling scent to have linger.. better than burnt pizza (cough cough)
Anyway; if you'd like to attempt this simple wont-take-longer-than-10-minutes-to-prepare orange facemask, read on...

For this I'd say about 1 and half oranges is enough; if you'd like a big pot of facemask then at more, but I used 1 1/2 oranges and it was enough to cover my whole face with a little spare.. Also, a small bowl, a spoon, a knife, a chopping board and a blender.

Cut the oranges in half, and slice across, under the segment to get rid of the actual orange itself; its the orange peel you need...

Place the orange peels in the blender and blender for about a minute, make sure to shake the blender quite rigorously - make sure every last bit is blended (Its a good bingo-wing work out shaking the blender I'll tell you that!!) Once all of the peel is blended into tiny piece, add around 5 ml of water, then repeat a couple times more.. be patient and don't added too much water at one time, the consistency will be too runny if so.
Once finished tip into a bowl; it should be a paste like consistency and able to stick your face somewhat. My tip is to keep your head tilted back when you applying so it doesn't spill on the floor! Once applied to the face, keep on for around 20 minutes and wash off with water (apply moisturiser next if you wish) Whilst on the skin, it should feel slightly tingly, but I've read that vitamin C in the oranges promote the growth of health skin cells, so work well for ridding of the acne.. sounds good to me!
So if you do attempt this cheddar-cheese looking face mask (or orange sick as my mum thought) I hope it helps rid of acne and help it NEVER return!! 



  1. I'm not acne prone but this sounds amaaaaaazing to try! Love citrus smells so will have to bookmark this and give it a go x
    Almsee x

    1. It smells so fresh and makes my skin feel so soft! Good Luck if you do give it a go!! x