The Perfect Bath

 Baths.. they've fast become my perfect Friday next activity (crazy 18 year old over here). While others my age are dressed to the nines and throwing shapes in the clubs, I'm making my way through my Spotify playlist and singing the content of it a little too loudly in comfort of my own bathroom.. The gist of this is, I just LOVE a good ol'bath.
First I like to create a relaxing atmosphere and what better way then to spread about a dozen candles right around the edge. I literally use ALL the candles I can find from my house and light every single one, it smells amazing I'll tell you that. Adding in the bath bombs and you literally will nearly fall asleep. As with everyone nowadays, I've fallen in love with Lush bath bombs (oh how stereotypically girly of me). But seriously, there bubbles bars are from another planet, you crumble about half of it under the water and about a million bubbles develop as the bath runs! - once you get in the bath, it  seriously feels so so soft.
Once I've run my bath, I fling my hair up into the highest bun I can muster, I pour myself a glass of rosé (I don't like to drink often, but I make an exception for my baths!) and blare that playlist of mine to the max (oh god did I just type 'to the max'; hello this is the 90's calling...) Then I sit back and enjoy the hot blanket of soft bubbly water, with all the worries from the week previous slipping away... quite literally for about 40 minutes - ok typing this is making me want to run another bath right now.. now that's an idea!


  1. This looks like the perfect Friday night! Happy Friday lovely :)
    Natasha x