Advice From A Festival Lover

 A Festival - the greatest experience you'll ever have, seriously. I've been to two so far.. V Festival in 2013 & 2014 and I literally have thee best memories from them. The crowd all screaming 'Heyyy Mrs Carter' back to a diamond clad cat-suited BeyoncĂ©, Justin Timberlake holding his arms out wide as the opening tune of Mirrors wailed across the whole festival and having the best 50 minutes of my life dancing/screaming to Tinie Tempah (just typing all of this has put a massive smile on my face!).. I literally would re-live both experiences.
Here, I wanted to gave a little advice on actually surviving a festival, because yes they can be fun-filled and adrenaline fuelling at the best of times. But there are some truths that you need to be prepared for if you've never been to one before - I'm typing this as a person who has gone to festivals with a weekend pass and withstood days in a damp tent and the great British weather to boot (yay) The way V Festival worked was you get there on the Friday to set your tent up etc. Saturday & Sunday are the Festival days and the Monday you pack up and go home.. So here are my tips if you've never been before..
1. You'll be sleep deprived from the moment you get there - On the Friday, realistically you need to be at the site pretty early, I'm talking before 9am, otherwise you run risk of being in a crappy place because you have not much choice due to lack of room, campsites fill up very quickly. This meaning (like me) starting your journey very early (both years, my group left at 4am, we live very far away!) - So obviously the sleep deprivation snowballs throughout the weekend, but yano the adrenaline masks most of this!!
2. Festivals are very pricey- I'm talking £2.50 for a standard bottle of water, £7 for a cheese burger... When I went you weren't allowed drinks into the arena either so you had to buy a drink once in.. so stock up your bags for the tents because it may cost a small fortune otherwise.
3. The Coachella-esque outfits go out the window - For the whole weekend your there, you're really not going to care what your wearing or how you look, because after an hour of standing in a crowd, your sweaty, its probably raining and the music is just too interesting to care...
4. Wellies are your Best Friends - No walking round bare feet a la Coachella Vanessa Hudgens, bins fill up fast and litter covers the floors; also in Britain mud is as common as water, so wellies are a must for the moment you arrive.
5- Be safe - I know that a bit of a roll-your-eyes statement, but seriously, as awesome as festivals are, they can be dangerous if you haven't go your head screwed on. Carry a bag that fastens, stay with the people you know and obvious don't take anything off anyone you don't know (drinks etc)
Hope that helps a little because on the whole, these are extremely minor things to know that really don't effect your experience at all. If I could be anywhere right now it would be dancing to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake in the middle of thousands of people, singing at the top of my voice.. I'd even put up with the damp tents and dry shampoo again..

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  1. I wished I had a chance to go to festivals, have fun this year ^_^


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