Empty Goodness

So before we start, I have to confess that the title is a tiny bit misleading, because not every item mentioned was full of 'goodness', there was the one product that was far from good - but yano I wanted to get my money's worth and used it up anyway (besides 'Empty Goodness & One Bad' didn't sound so good!) . So shall we start bad and work our way up..?
So, the first empty product I've used up was Lush's H'suan Wen Hua. I mentioned this some months ago that I'd bought it and heard good things, but I have to say it was very very bad in most ways. Firstly, It smells so revolting that it made me gag when I was putting it on my hair and second, I just didn't see a difference to my hair at all - not a good combination for a 'hair treatment'!
Moving on up (nooooothing can stop me *sings M People*) the four other products here were all well loved and I can seriously say I'm quite sad I've ran out! The POREfessional from Benefit is definitely the best primer out there; its literally feels like velvet going on the skin and seriously makes foundation look sooo much better on the skin *thumbs up* To take off makeup, the L'occitane 'Eye Gel Remover' tackles anything I slap on and has seriously lasted me ages. The Clinique Moisture Surge speaks for itself and seriously moisturises the skin, leaving me with baby soft cheeks - luuuurve it. Finally, is the Moroccan Oil shampoo, I've been using this for my roots - really massaging it in and I can honest say my hair feel so much cleaner then any other shampoo I've used *thumbs up again*

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