Instagram Update #1

Instagram - Lisaaa1809
So, let's talk about Instagram - I love it. I feel like Twitter is past its peak of popularity and Facebook has definitely had its day (further then that, anyone remember Bebo or Picso?!) At the moment Instagram is the thing to be on. Here is an update of the last few weeks that are mostly out doors-y because other than going for a walk to clear my head, I've been stuck in the house revising for my A Levels (but hey, that's all over now thank GOD!)
First Row: A little dinner date with a friend (with thee best cheesy garlic bread) |  Reading something
other than Sociology revision books! |  Finally buying Victoria Beckham x Nailsinc Polishes.
Second Row: Some Colourful Flowers | A Luuuurly Day with my bestie | An evening walk with friends.
Third Row: A walk in the woods | Finally digging out the sunglasses! | Making an effort and actually going outside since the sun was shining.
So that's what my current feed is shaped like. Let's follow each other, so make sure to leave your usernames below - I love finding new accounts to follow!

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