You're from the Seventies, but I'm a Nineties chick

Sometimes in life, when all else fails, you just have to throw on a pair of whitewash, loose fit jeans and hope for the best. Hoping, that one: you don't look like your stuck in the wrong decade and two: you don't show signs of being the biggest MC Hammer fan. Result? a clear sign of nineties but not looking a complete fool (well that's what I hope) With fashion and what you choose to wear on your back, there is clearly no right and wrong. Yes, there's judgement, but if you like what you're wearing, what should it matter? Recently, there seems to be a clear trend of seventies and (weirdly) nineties showing through, some who have lived in those decades may shake there heads at the thought of bring back such fashion, whilst some will do the whole supermarket sweep and don it all. For someone who was born in the mid-90's I can't say I really experienced any of the decade properly - (although I'm not ashamed to admit I wish I'd have been in my teens during Spicemania #girlpower) The only thing I experienced during the 90's was the joy that was the Teletubbies and to not play with scissors. So, my attempt at the 90's trend and a hope of living in a decade I missed? Simple white blouse - check, half-mast/whitewash/ baggy jeans - check, weird and wonderful, metallic shoes - check again.  


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