Holiday Saviours | Beauty & Others

As you may know from my previous post, I have (sadly) just returned from a week of sunshine and happiness in Ibiza. Here, I'm going to show the few products that I basically used religiously throughout the week and definitely stopped me looking the sweaty betty I would usually. Above, are three face/skin care products that definitely soothed my skin and stopped Rudolph making an earlier appearance.. For day times spent on the beach, I made sure to plaster the Dermalogica 'Oil Free Matte' SPF30 sun cream. In all honesty I wish I'd have know about this sooner, because its tailored for oily/spot prone skin, so it doesn't clog the pores and protects the skin simultaneously. On previous holidays, I've dreaded the whole sun-cream-on-face sensation, living in fear I'll break out into a million spots, but this cream just felt like a soothing moisturiser (plus I was left with zero breakouts!)
For the evening, I would apply Simple's 'Replenishing Rich Moisturiser' so to cool my face down and not let it go dry from the added sun exposure. I have to say, its quite a runny (ish) texture, but that was in fact a bonus because it majorly soothed my skin and wasn't too heavy - taking only minutes to dry.
In terms of holiday make up, I rarely like to apply foundation. The L'occitane 'Precious BB Cream', was perfect for both day and evening as it has a very sheer coverage, though evens out the skin without looking like your wearing any makeup at all. It has SPF30 in it also, meaning some days when my nose and cheeks were a little red, I added a thin layer of this on top of the sun cream and give my skin double protection and an even colour. 

 Other so called 'saviours' I would say was of course after sun. Though, a clever trick I learnt whilst abroad, suggested by one of my friends, was to put the after sun in the fridge. I brought both a spray and a gel after sun, but felt the combination of the gel and the fact its had been in the fridge all day, definitely did my skin the world of good and felt deeply moisturised. All in all, my main goal for a holiday was to not burn, and in all honesty, I never burnt at.all (something I was amazed at) Prior to my holiday I started going on the sunbeds and although I do not want to influence anyone to go on them, I felt that this is what stopped me burning. I went about once or twice a week for about 6 weeks prior, and I feel this gave me enough of a base to not burn. Which, probably was a lot better for skin in the whole shot! (although sunbeds won't be something I carry on with now I'm home.. I've heard the horror stories!)

Lastly, were two clothing items I basically lived in throughout the week: my big floppy hat & Next tasselled sandals. The hat had many uses, the most obviously being it protected my neck, face and scalp from burning, such a great feeling. Also, when I was walking around the posh part of Ibiza, I felt a million dollars in a floppy hat and Prada sunglasses... although to be honest I probably just looked like you're average terrible Brit abroad, didn't I? (oh well I felt fabulous!)
The black tasselled shoes were worn basically everyday, as these types of shoes are definitely been a staple spread across every fashion magazine. The 70's vibe to them is definitely one I loved and the fact that they're black made them so versatile.. big love for the tasselled sandals!

Snippets of.. IBIZA 2015

( Pictures from my Instagram : lisaaa1809 )

'Back to life, back to reality..' - this song has never been so relatable. Last night I worked my first shift back at the pub I work at, and as I cleared plates and laughed at old man jokes that make very little sense, its dawned on me, that its back to life and reality. Last week, me and eight friends went on our first holiday alone - the no-parents-end-of-sixth-form-party-holiday. And you know what? I had the BEST time ever! Usually, when abroad I'm the biggest home bird going. Three days in and I'm craving my own bed and the comfort of my own home. But, this week, as it reached the last night, the last thing I wanted to do was go home.. I don't think I've sighed so much in my life as we landed in Manchester Airport...
For the week we were there, the sole purpose was to have fun and party.. and that we did. As I've mentioned countless times on this blog, I'm not the biggest of drinkers and absolutely loath going clubbing usually. But, in Ibiza it was different, I felt absolutely zero pressure to drink alcohol at all. God, one night our group went to a Paint Party in a club called Privilege and I was completely sober and literally had the BEST night of my whole entire life. All in all, we basically slept/sunbathed all day and partied all night (how I survived the 5am bedtime every night, I have no idea) And you know what, I would literally do it all again tomorrow..
Here I have photos from the day times, the beaches and views - obviously this is only an illustration of the days, but none the less, yes Ibiza maybe famous for its nightlife, but yano what, what it has to offer in the day isn't too shabby at all...

The Apartments we stayed at were in the heart of San Antonio and the beach the had to offer was far from picturesque - blame the millions of boats that are in the marina there (read: read murky sea and horrible sand) So, during the day we paid a visit to two different beaches which were 10 minute boat rides away (4€ return tickets isn't bad I'd say!) The top photo was Cala Bassa beach, which was a packed place with a cafĂ© and the clearest of clear waters, seriously it took about 10/15 from the marina in San Antonio and it was the most stunning of beaches.. so relaxing. 
The second photo was Reggae Beach, which was a 5 minute boat ride and as guessed was completely reggae themed, with music all day and again, thee clearest of watersBoth beaches trumped the beach in San Antonio itself because basically you could sea your feet when you went in the water! - no one likes murky sea water when on holiday!
Below, are a few snaps from a day in Ibiza Town or Eivissa as its actually called. Its definitely known as the posher side of Ibiza, and the thousands of million pound yachts proved this. We had a walk round the (very quiet) streets and had wide eyes over  all the big white yachts in the marina. Seriously, they all had Porsches parked outside them, with the marina having a Stella McCartney and Bottega Veneta boutiques... so, ye I preteneded I was rich for 15 minutes whilst walking round there hahaha
So, there are a few of my holiday snaps. No doubt I'll be coming back to this post every now and again to remember for myself, because it truly was the best holiday ever *broken heart emoji*

Overspending in the City - Once Again

Ok let's face it, I'm pretty sure everyone overspends just that little too much when they go to a big city shopping - with me, I literally live in the back of beyond, in a tiny village with a post office. So, whenever I'm given the opportunity to go somewhere with (what feels like) a million shops, I tend to go a little bit crazy. Ok, that was bit of a long winded opening, but simply, I went to Liverpool shopping last week and bought a lot - and here we are..
The main purpose of my trip was for holiday clothes, which I bought a lot of, but I'm just going to show the beauty side, because there were too many clothing items to show haha.
First I went into Lush and picked up three bath bombs - well two baths bombs and a bath melt if we're being particular. With bath products, I go for smell first (horrible smells in a bath is not relaxing!) so these three definitely ticked the box. The green Avobath is very fresh smelling with the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar making the skin extremely soft after a good soaking. In the picture below, I bought the pink Sakura bath bomb which is very fruity and just looks amazing!
Next was L'occitane which is by far my favourite skincare brand. I originally just went in to just pick up their new Precious BB Cream which I wanted to test the colours (I have to say I've tried it twice and its guuud) but I also got their Lime Hand Cream because then I'd spent enough money for a gift set (it had to be done!). As I'd spent over £30 I got a 'Refreshing Summer Essentials' gift set with shampoo etc for half the price - also a nice little bag with it (it made me feel a lot less guity for spending a lot of money!)
Running with the holiday shopping theme, I wanted some dainty gold jewelryy just to make my holiday clothes more summery. So I picked up the little bits below from Forever 21, I have to say that that shop has gone up in my esstimations, it's very cheap with extremely good quality bits (a new favourite, huh?)
Finally, I went to the beauty hall and couldn't resist a new lipstick, I haven't got a Nars one but I did buy one for my friends eighteenth earlier in the year. So when I saw the counter again I buckled under my own pressure. I picked up the Audacious Lipstick in 'Grace' which is a matte pink with a slight hint of coral and I have to say its booootiful on the lips!
All in all, I did overspend but I have no regrets because I love everything I've bought - I did meet my aim of holiday clothes and items so I have to say it was a very successful shopping trip hahaha

Recent Loves from the Past Months

So here we are, I thought I'd sum up my favourites from the last few months, besides its mid-July so a 'monthly' favourites just wouldn't be right! Here are few random things I've been loving - not necessarily all beauty and fashion.. there's a change!
To start off, my first few favourites are two designer brands that I've literally been lusting after. There's no chance in hell I can afford near enough anything from there collections, but ooh how I've loved Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham! One day in the (probably distant) future I hope to one day proudly own a Saint Laurent bag, yano in the future when I'm rich, famous and drive a range rover.. obviously. I've just loved lusting after every bag on their website, their bags are just so classy and effortless.. one day Lisa one day. Also, I've seriously been loving Victoria Beckham's collections, which again are beyond by budget, but ughhh there so beautiful (I think I'll leave it there, or I might cry at how much I want a bag by the two designers hahaha, sooo materialistic)
Moving on to less expensive favourites of mine, coffee has been top of my list. Well to be honest, ever since I got a coffee machine for my eighteenth birthday (#bestpresentever) I've drank coffee religiously, so probably from now until the end of time, coffee with forever be a favourite.. thought I'd just give a bit of adoration right now!
Whilst having a cuppa in my hand, browsing ELLE magazine has usually been my activity of choice. Everything is just so beautifully photographed and I have to say its just the most relaxing thing to do for a bit of time-out - also, ELLE's free testers having been quite something too (see: post)
Another favourite has been Nail Oil - which has had a lot of usage recently; working as a waitress and wiping tables only adds up to flaking/soft/horrible nails.. nail oil has been an essential (and they're getting there, my nails are nearly back to good health!) Also, I've seriously been loving wearing rings, particularly gold ones. I've gathered quite the collection and have loved wearing them - I feel it makes an outfit look a lot more summery.. anything to distracted away from the horrible state of my nails!
And so to my last favourite - THE SUNSHINE. What can I say, the weather has been amazing recently and I for one am not complaining (she writes as it starts to rain outside!)

Throwing Right Back To 2005..

 [Blouse: River Island (old), Skirt: Zara & Shoes: Boden]
 'Throwing Right Back to 2005' why have you named this post such a thing - what relevancy does 2005 have to anything, Lisa? well..
In 2005, I was 8 or 9 years old and back then there was nothing I liked more than to wear a denim skirt, because yano it was trendy and oh-so cool, right? haha. Well, that year was probably the last time I ever wore a denim skirt - fast forward 10 years and here I am in 2015 wearing a such a thing once more and its a piece that seems to be the 'it' thing at the moment.. who would have thought. I have to say, I never thought that I'd be seen dead in one ever again, besides the last time I wore one, it had pink flowers embroidered up the sides and could only be found in Tammy Girl (oh how I adored that shop..) But, a week or so ago, I walked in Zara (the Zara SALE may I added - I cried internally with happiness when I saw the red sale sign in the window lol) and found this denim skirt in my size and I just knew I had to have it.
I've seen denim make quite the comeback recently, well Alexa Chung has donned it frequently and anything she wears, the whole world instantly needs. I find fashion a strange thing, a year ago, if I'd have brought a denim skirt home, my mum would have looked at me stupid, but it seems that denim skirts are right back up to date - that and denim dresses (that is on the next shopping list!)
So, for my all important Friday #ootd, I worn this new (exiting for me) buy, I thought a light blouse would work well, because its loose and tucks in just nicely. For shoes, my Boden beauties were lifted from their precious box and proudly worn.. altogether the skirt has become instantly well loved and I will wear it in as many different ways possible. Besides, come autumn it may be a fashion faux to wear such an item.. once again.

Style Planning for the Sunshine

 [Top: Next, Shorts: Similar ]
With my holiday in a matter of a fortnight,  I felt now was the right time to start planning outfits for my week away in the sun. Now, because I'm heading to Ibiza, I feel I can't just throw on anything, because yano, its quite a trendy place (I feel so lame calling it 'trendy' haha) But, there is some truth in that statement, right?  So whilst I raid the back of the wardrobe and try on new buys, I though I'd picture them because 1. I thought it be a good way to remember some of the outfits for when I *eventually* start packing (oh god I hate that job) and 2. Well, I thought it just make a nice blog post!
All together, I'll be away for 5 full nights (cheap holiday + horrible flights = missing lots of precious holiday time :( ) So, I realistically need five night time outfits. Yes, it'll be a bit of a partying holiday, but yano I'm not just going to wear an old top and be done for. Obviously, denim shorts are going to be the saviour; well they're just so versatile, so I've pair them with a loose cream off the shoulder top - loose tops will be a must, I really don't deal with heat very well!
Next, I've brought out a Miss Selfridge skirt I bought about 3 years ago - its literally come on most holidays with me! Its a summery light turquoise which, I feel only works when the sun shines! With it, I paired a cream Zara crop, that sits just above the belly button - again it'll be cool enough to stop me melting (because even the evenings will be a bit too hot for me haha!!)
Finally, is another new buy - a brick coloured, off the shoulder dress which I feel will be perfect for an off night, meaning if my group decided we're a bit clubbed-out and just want a few drinks at the bar, this will be great and cool enough for a leisurely sit down (I doubt this will happen as my friends have an amazing skill of having a high alcohol tolerance, me on the other hand... (god help me))
 [Top Photo- Crop: Zara (sale), Skirt: Miss Selfridge (old)
Bottom Photo: Dress: Primark, Jewellery: Forever 21]

Testing Testers

Over the past few months now, I’ve subconsciously become an avid reader of ELLE. I’ve always been a fan of high fashion magazines (well, who isn’t eh) and always in awe at the styling and layouts, but I’ve never been read and bought it religiously. Although of the past few months – or past three circulations; I’ve dated when its come out and bought it instantly. Now, there is nothing I love to do more than make a huge mug of coffee and have a good half an hours read of ELLE (oh how leisurely!) On top of this, I feel my new found love has grown because of the amazing samples that come with the magazine. Over these months I’ve been testing these samples and I have to say, there are definitely one or two I’ve feel in love with and will be ordering very soon! (hurry up pay day hahaha)
In June’s Issue they gave a complimentary sample of Percy & Reed’s ‘No Oil Oil’ which is a hair oil to give thickness and volume to the hair. Having been using this for a good month and half, by putting it on wet hair after a shower – I actually have to be honest, my hair does feel as if it has more volume. I personally, am a victim of flat, lifeless hair at the best of times, so this product, in the short space I’ve used It, has definitely worked in tackling this – this is definitely on the shopping list.

In July’s Issue they gave out a small pack of three products from Malin & Goetz. To be honest I hadn’t really heard of them much, the only time really being when my friend said she’d bought a good hand cream (or something like that) and said it was good; although I love trying new skin products so these intrigued me. There was a face cleaner, face moisturiser and lip moisturiser (aaaall about the moister hahaha) In short, the cleaner works well though I felt it wasn’t anything special and after I’d used it on the face, I didn’t feel any dramatic change – though was a little refreshing. The moisturiser though worked very well, with it being quite a light formula, though it was very quick drying and after a few days of using it I really did feel my face and skin looking a lot healthier – this one is on shopping list too! - Finally, the lip moisturiser, the formula to this is actually like a lip gloss, which is one texture on the lips I loathe. It’s a very sticky lip product and feels a slight bit tingly – though does last quite a while, so in terms of lip moisturiser it does its job, I just wouldn’t be able to get over the stickiness if I were to have a full size (thank god for samples!)
Finally is the most recent issue of ELLE, the August issue which in shops now. This month they gave a small pack of three samples from The Organic Pharmacy. Now this is a brand I have never heard of and from the packaging, it does look like something you would pick up from the pharmacy. All products are rose scented and in this pack is a Lip Balm, Facial Cleansing Gel and Face Cream. The lip balm firstly, is very watery; this is something I first noticed, which I found quite odd. Meaning, once on the lips it didn’t feel right, as if it would just slip off as soon as I went to take a drink.. strange. With the cleansing gel, aside from the strong rosy smell (which I’m not a fan of, really) Feels very refreshing and not a lot is needed, if I were to need a new cleanser, I’d definitely give this a try! Aaaaand lastly, the face cream, the rose scent seems even more pungent with this product, meaning this puts me off slightly from wanting a full size. I’ve used this most nights over the past four days now and I have to say it hasn’t made a huge difference, though again, like the lip balm, the formula is quite watery, therefore is refreshing, though seems odd to apply. I think this face cream needs a few more uses before I can say I love or hate it, we’ll wait and see…


Formally Informal

 (All Zara, Bag H&M)
 When it comes to buying clothes, I'm usually quite efficient. I can spot a shirt and imagine things I already own to go with it, I can see a pair of flats and picture it with some skirt or blouse - all in all an item never sits in the back of my wardrobe - everything gets its moneys worth. Although, with everything in life, you can't live up to your own set standards daily. So, surprisingly, when I first bought these nude, cigarette trousers from the Mothership - or Zara as most call it; I thought it would go with a loose fit blouse or at least something cream in my wardrobe - but no, they didn't. I actually bought these trousers in a Zara sale a whole TWO years ago (literally) and its actually taken me this long to find a top it goes with. I've spend all this time trying on endless amounts of blouses, tops, cami's, but nothing has look right.
So here I am in July 2015 (is it actually July, like seriously July already?!) finally wearing these infamous trousers with a white floral top that (I hope) looks decent enough to actually step outside in!
I realised after I put this outfit together, that I looked a little too formal for a trip to Asda and lunch out with my Nain (read: grandma (#NoOneUnderstandsWelshProblems)) and auntie, though I felt the diamond flats and brown bag made it look a little less like I was about to work 9-5 in an sweaty office - although yano, If I ever do need a more formal outfit, I'll could always throw on some courts..
And there we have it, my Zara trousers have had there happy ending; it may have taken two years, but I finally found items to pair them with  - a white Zara floral top and Zara diamante flats... I'd be fooling myself if I didn't admit I'm little bit obsessed with Zara.. who would have guess that, eh? ;)


Nailsinc x Victoria Beckham

 Right, I may be very late to the party with this one (half a years late- c'mon lisa, that's no good) but low and behold, I finally bought the beaut of a collaboration between NailsInc and Victoria Beckham. I'll say it now, if I could be anyone for a day, it would be her - she's fashionable, produces collection after collection of inspiring clothes (if the prices were lower, I'd be head-to-toe) plus her husband isn't half bad is he - David is his name? So end of last year when I saw she was realising a nail polish I planned to buy it instantly, but yano when other things get in the way that need paying for and you just never get round to buying something.. well FINALLY I've got my hands on the collection and it's serious eye heart emoji stuff.
There's two colours - Judo Red, which is a coral, red shade and Bamboo White, a ballerina, nude/pink shade. Both I feel fit perfectly for summer, with coral obviously making my not-so-tanned-skin sneakily look just that one shade darker - with Bamboo White looking beautiful for a toned down look. With NailsInc, I can say I've never bought a nail varnish from them before but I do know that they have changed the shade of there bottles in recent times and personally, I love the square shaped look - it makes it look so much classier (and instagram-worthy!) Although you do have to take the actually square lid off and a smaller, round lid is there for you to paint your nails with, which is so much handier - I'd have thought the square handle would have been a nightmare.
I terms of how long it lasts, it's nothing special - you're average 2-3, 4 days at a push -depends on your planned activities (It lasted four days for me, but all I was doing was sun bathing haha)
So many months later, I finally have this set and honestly; it's so beautiful I can't stop staring - this is just another reason I want to be posh spice!