Formally Informal

 (All Zara, Bag H&M)
 When it comes to buying clothes, I'm usually quite efficient. I can spot a shirt and imagine things I already own to go with it, I can see a pair of flats and picture it with some skirt or blouse - all in all an item never sits in the back of my wardrobe - everything gets its moneys worth. Although, with everything in life, you can't live up to your own set standards daily. So, surprisingly, when I first bought these nude, cigarette trousers from the Mothership - or Zara as most call it; I thought it would go with a loose fit blouse or at least something cream in my wardrobe - but no, they didn't. I actually bought these trousers in a Zara sale a whole TWO years ago (literally) and its actually taken me this long to find a top it goes with. I've spend all this time trying on endless amounts of blouses, tops, cami's, but nothing has look right.
So here I am in July 2015 (is it actually July, like seriously July already?!) finally wearing these infamous trousers with a white floral top that (I hope) looks decent enough to actually step outside in!
I realised after I put this outfit together, that I looked a little too formal for a trip to Asda and lunch out with my Nain (read: grandma (#NoOneUnderstandsWelshProblems)) and auntie, though I felt the diamond flats and brown bag made it look a little less like I was about to work 9-5 in an sweaty office - although yano, If I ever do need a more formal outfit, I'll could always throw on some courts..
And there we have it, my Zara trousers have had there happy ending; it may have taken two years, but I finally found items to pair them with  - a white Zara floral top and Zara diamante flats... I'd be fooling myself if I didn't admit I'm little bit obsessed with Zara.. who would have guess that, eh? ;)