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As you may know from my previous post, I have (sadly) just returned from a week of sunshine and happiness in Ibiza. Here, I'm going to show the few products that I basically used religiously throughout the week and definitely stopped me looking the sweaty betty I would usually. Above, are three face/skin care products that definitely soothed my skin and stopped Rudolph making an earlier appearance.. For day times spent on the beach, I made sure to plaster the Dermalogica 'Oil Free Matte' SPF30 sun cream. In all honesty I wish I'd have know about this sooner, because its tailored for oily/spot prone skin, so it doesn't clog the pores and protects the skin simultaneously. On previous holidays, I've dreaded the whole sun-cream-on-face sensation, living in fear I'll break out into a million spots, but this cream just felt like a soothing moisturiser (plus I was left with zero breakouts!)
For the evening, I would apply Simple's 'Replenishing Rich Moisturiser' so to cool my face down and not let it go dry from the added sun exposure. I have to say, its quite a runny (ish) texture, but that was in fact a bonus because it majorly soothed my skin and wasn't too heavy - taking only minutes to dry.
In terms of holiday make up, I rarely like to apply foundation. The L'occitane 'Precious BB Cream', was perfect for both day and evening as it has a very sheer coverage, though evens out the skin without looking like your wearing any makeup at all. It has SPF30 in it also, meaning some days when my nose and cheeks were a little red, I added a thin layer of this on top of the sun cream and give my skin double protection and an even colour. 

 Other so called 'saviours' I would say was of course after sun. Though, a clever trick I learnt whilst abroad, suggested by one of my friends, was to put the after sun in the fridge. I brought both a spray and a gel after sun, but felt the combination of the gel and the fact its had been in the fridge all day, definitely did my skin the world of good and felt deeply moisturised. All in all, my main goal for a holiday was to not burn, and in all honesty, I never burnt at.all (something I was amazed at) Prior to my holiday I started going on the sunbeds and although I do not want to influence anyone to go on them, I felt that this is what stopped me burning. I went about once or twice a week for about 6 weeks prior, and I feel this gave me enough of a base to not burn. Which, probably was a lot better for skin in the whole shot! (although sunbeds won't be something I carry on with now I'm home.. I've heard the horror stories!)

Lastly, were two clothing items I basically lived in throughout the week: my big floppy hat & Next tasselled sandals. The hat had many uses, the most obviously being it protected my neck, face and scalp from burning, such a great feeling. Also, when I was walking around the posh part of Ibiza, I felt a million dollars in a floppy hat and Prada sunglasses... although to be honest I probably just looked like you're average terrible Brit abroad, didn't I? (oh well I felt fabulous!)
The black tasselled shoes were worn basically everyday, as these types of shoes are definitely been a staple spread across every fashion magazine. The 70's vibe to them is definitely one I loved and the fact that they're black made them so versatile.. big love for the tasselled sandals!

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