Snippets of.. IBIZA 2015

( Pictures from my Instagram : lisaaa1809 )

'Back to life, back to reality..' - this song has never been so relatable. Last night I worked my first shift back at the pub I work at, and as I cleared plates and laughed at old man jokes that make very little sense, its dawned on me, that its back to life and reality. Last week, me and eight friends went on our first holiday alone - the no-parents-end-of-sixth-form-party-holiday. And you know what? I had the BEST time ever! Usually, when abroad I'm the biggest home bird going. Three days in and I'm craving my own bed and the comfort of my own home. But, this week, as it reached the last night, the last thing I wanted to do was go home.. I don't think I've sighed so much in my life as we landed in Manchester Airport...
For the week we were there, the sole purpose was to have fun and party.. and that we did. As I've mentioned countless times on this blog, I'm not the biggest of drinkers and absolutely loath going clubbing usually. But, in Ibiza it was different, I felt absolutely zero pressure to drink alcohol at all. God, one night our group went to a Paint Party in a club called Privilege and I was completely sober and literally had the BEST night of my whole entire life. All in all, we basically slept/sunbathed all day and partied all night (how I survived the 5am bedtime every night, I have no idea) And you know what, I would literally do it all again tomorrow..
Here I have photos from the day times, the beaches and views - obviously this is only an illustration of the days, but none the less, yes Ibiza maybe famous for its nightlife, but yano what, what it has to offer in the day isn't too shabby at all...

The Apartments we stayed at were in the heart of San Antonio and the beach the had to offer was far from picturesque - blame the millions of boats that are in the marina there (read: read murky sea and horrible sand) So, during the day we paid a visit to two different beaches which were 10 minute boat rides away (4€ return tickets isn't bad I'd say!) The top photo was Cala Bassa beach, which was a packed place with a cafĂ© and the clearest of clear waters, seriously it took about 10/15 from the marina in San Antonio and it was the most stunning of beaches.. so relaxing. 
The second photo was Reggae Beach, which was a 5 minute boat ride and as guessed was completely reggae themed, with music all day and again, thee clearest of watersBoth beaches trumped the beach in San Antonio itself because basically you could sea your feet when you went in the water! - no one likes murky sea water when on holiday!
Below, are a few snaps from a day in Ibiza Town or Eivissa as its actually called. Its definitely known as the posher side of Ibiza, and the thousands of million pound yachts proved this. We had a walk round the (very quiet) streets and had wide eyes over  all the big white yachts in the marina. Seriously, they all had Porsches parked outside them, with the marina having a Stella McCartney and Bottega Veneta boutiques... so, ye I preteneded I was rich for 15 minutes whilst walking round there hahaha
So, there are a few of my holiday snaps. No doubt I'll be coming back to this post every now and again to remember for myself, because it truly was the best holiday ever *broken heart emoji*

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