Nailsinc x Victoria Beckham

 Right, I may be very late to the party with this one (half a years late- c'mon lisa, that's no good) but low and behold, I finally bought the beaut of a collaboration between NailsInc and Victoria Beckham. I'll say it now, if I could be anyone for a day, it would be her - she's fashionable, produces collection after collection of inspiring clothes (if the prices were lower, I'd be head-to-toe) plus her husband isn't half bad is he - David is his name? So end of last year when I saw she was realising a nail polish I planned to buy it instantly, but yano when other things get in the way that need paying for and you just never get round to buying something.. well FINALLY I've got my hands on the collection and it's serious eye heart emoji stuff.
There's two colours - Judo Red, which is a coral, red shade and Bamboo White, a ballerina, nude/pink shade. Both I feel fit perfectly for summer, with coral obviously making my not-so-tanned-skin sneakily look just that one shade darker - with Bamboo White looking beautiful for a toned down look. With NailsInc, I can say I've never bought a nail varnish from them before but I do know that they have changed the shade of there bottles in recent times and personally, I love the square shaped look - it makes it look so much classier (and instagram-worthy!) Although you do have to take the actually square lid off and a smaller, round lid is there for you to paint your nails with, which is so much handier - I'd have thought the square handle would have been a nightmare.
I terms of how long it lasts, it's nothing special - you're average 2-3, 4 days at a push -depends on your planned activities (It lasted four days for me, but all I was doing was sun bathing haha)
So many months later, I finally have this set and honestly; it's so beautiful I can't stop staring - this is just another reason I want to be posh spice!


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