Overspending in the City - Once Again

Ok let's face it, I'm pretty sure everyone overspends just that little too much when they go to a big city shopping - with me, I literally live in the back of beyond, in a tiny village with a post office. So, whenever I'm given the opportunity to go somewhere with (what feels like) a million shops, I tend to go a little bit crazy. Ok, that was bit of a long winded opening, but simply, I went to Liverpool shopping last week and bought a lot - and here we are..
The main purpose of my trip was for holiday clothes, which I bought a lot of, but I'm just going to show the beauty side, because there were too many clothing items to show haha.
First I went into Lush and picked up three bath bombs - well two baths bombs and a bath melt if we're being particular. With bath products, I go for smell first (horrible smells in a bath is not relaxing!) so these three definitely ticked the box. The green Avobath is very fresh smelling with the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar making the skin extremely soft after a good soaking. In the picture below, I bought the pink Sakura bath bomb which is very fruity and just looks amazing!
Next was L'occitane which is by far my favourite skincare brand. I originally just went in to just pick up their new Precious BB Cream which I wanted to test the colours (I have to say I've tried it twice and its guuud) but I also got their Lime Hand Cream because then I'd spent enough money for a gift set (it had to be done!). As I'd spent over £30 I got a 'Refreshing Summer Essentials' gift set with shampoo etc for half the price - also a nice little bag with it (it made me feel a lot less guity for spending a lot of money!)
Running with the holiday shopping theme, I wanted some dainty gold jewelryy just to make my holiday clothes more summery. So I picked up the little bits below from Forever 21, I have to say that that shop has gone up in my esstimations, it's very cheap with extremely good quality bits (a new favourite, huh?)
Finally, I went to the beauty hall and couldn't resist a new lipstick, I haven't got a Nars one but I did buy one for my friends eighteenth earlier in the year. So when I saw the counter again I buckled under my own pressure. I picked up the Audacious Lipstick in 'Grace' which is a matte pink with a slight hint of coral and I have to say its booootiful on the lips!
All in all, I did overspend but I have no regrets because I love everything I've bought - I did meet my aim of holiday clothes and items so I have to say it was a very successful shopping trip hahaha

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