Recent Loves from the Past Months

So here we are, I thought I'd sum up my favourites from the last few months, besides its mid-July so a 'monthly' favourites just wouldn't be right! Here are few random things I've been loving - not necessarily all beauty and fashion.. there's a change!
To start off, my first few favourites are two designer brands that I've literally been lusting after. There's no chance in hell I can afford near enough anything from there collections, but ooh how I've loved Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham! One day in the (probably distant) future I hope to one day proudly own a Saint Laurent bag, yano in the future when I'm rich, famous and drive a range rover.. obviously. I've just loved lusting after every bag on their website, their bags are just so classy and effortless.. one day Lisa one day. Also, I've seriously been loving Victoria Beckham's collections, which again are beyond by budget, but ughhh there so beautiful (I think I'll leave it there, or I might cry at how much I want a bag by the two designers hahaha, sooo materialistic)
Moving on to less expensive favourites of mine, coffee has been top of my list. Well to be honest, ever since I got a coffee machine for my eighteenth birthday (#bestpresentever) I've drank coffee religiously, so probably from now until the end of time, coffee with forever be a favourite.. thought I'd just give a bit of adoration right now!
Whilst having a cuppa in my hand, browsing ELLE magazine has usually been my activity of choice. Everything is just so beautifully photographed and I have to say its just the most relaxing thing to do for a bit of time-out - also, ELLE's free testers having been quite something too (see: post)
Another favourite has been Nail Oil - which has had a lot of usage recently; working as a waitress and wiping tables only adds up to flaking/soft/horrible nails.. nail oil has been an essential (and they're getting there, my nails are nearly back to good health!) Also, I've seriously been loving wearing rings, particularly gold ones. I've gathered quite the collection and have loved wearing them - I feel it makes an outfit look a lot more summery.. anything to distracted away from the horrible state of my nails!
And so to my last favourite - THE SUNSHINE. What can I say, the weather has been amazing recently and I for one am not complaining (she writes as it starts to rain outside!)


  1. I need a saint laurent bag on my arm too, lovely post!

    Alice // Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin' x

    1. Its the dream, its the dream! One day I WILL own a saint laurent bag hahaha!
      - Thank you! x