Style Planning for the Sunshine

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With my holiday in a matter of a fortnight,  I felt now was the right time to start planning outfits for my week away in the sun. Now, because I'm heading to Ibiza, I feel I can't just throw on anything, because yano, its quite a trendy place (I feel so lame calling it 'trendy' haha) But, there is some truth in that statement, right?  So whilst I raid the back of the wardrobe and try on new buys, I though I'd picture them because 1. I thought it be a good way to remember some of the outfits for when I *eventually* start packing (oh god I hate that job) and 2. Well, I thought it just make a nice blog post!
All together, I'll be away for 5 full nights (cheap holiday + horrible flights = missing lots of precious holiday time :( ) So, I realistically need five night time outfits. Yes, it'll be a bit of a partying holiday, but yano I'm not just going to wear an old top and be done for. Obviously, denim shorts are going to be the saviour; well they're just so versatile, so I've pair them with a loose cream off the shoulder top - loose tops will be a must, I really don't deal with heat very well!
Next, I've brought out a Miss Selfridge skirt I bought about 3 years ago - its literally come on most holidays with me! Its a summery light turquoise which, I feel only works when the sun shines! With it, I paired a cream Zara crop, that sits just above the belly button - again it'll be cool enough to stop me melting (because even the evenings will be a bit too hot for me haha!!)
Finally, is another new buy - a brick coloured, off the shoulder dress which I feel will be perfect for an off night, meaning if my group decided we're a bit clubbed-out and just want a few drinks at the bar, this will be great and cool enough for a leisurely sit down (I doubt this will happen as my friends have an amazing skill of having a high alcohol tolerance, me on the other hand... (god help me))
 [Top Photo- Crop: Zara (sale), Skirt: Miss Selfridge (old)
Bottom Photo: Dress: Primark, Jewellery: Forever 21]

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