Testing Testers

Over the past few months now, I’ve subconsciously become an avid reader of ELLE. I’ve always been a fan of high fashion magazines (well, who isn’t eh) and always in awe at the styling and layouts, but I’ve never been read and bought it religiously. Although of the past few months – or past three circulations; I’ve dated when its come out and bought it instantly. Now, there is nothing I love to do more than make a huge mug of coffee and have a good half an hours read of ELLE (oh how leisurely!) On top of this, I feel my new found love has grown because of the amazing samples that come with the magazine. Over these months I’ve been testing these samples and I have to say, there are definitely one or two I’ve feel in love with and will be ordering very soon! (hurry up pay day hahaha)
In June’s Issue they gave a complimentary sample of Percy & Reed’s ‘No Oil Oil’ which is a hair oil to give thickness and volume to the hair. Having been using this for a good month and half, by putting it on wet hair after a shower – I actually have to be honest, my hair does feel as if it has more volume. I personally, am a victim of flat, lifeless hair at the best of times, so this product, in the short space I’ve used It, has definitely worked in tackling this – this is definitely on the shopping list.

In July’s Issue they gave out a small pack of three products from Malin & Goetz. To be honest I hadn’t really heard of them much, the only time really being when my friend said she’d bought a good hand cream (or something like that) and said it was good; although I love trying new skin products so these intrigued me. There was a face cleaner, face moisturiser and lip moisturiser (aaaall about the moister hahaha) In short, the cleaner works well though I felt it wasn’t anything special and after I’d used it on the face, I didn’t feel any dramatic change – though was a little refreshing. The moisturiser though worked very well, with it being quite a light formula, though it was very quick drying and after a few days of using it I really did feel my face and skin looking a lot healthier – this one is on shopping list too! - Finally, the lip moisturiser, the formula to this is actually like a lip gloss, which is one texture on the lips I loathe. It’s a very sticky lip product and feels a slight bit tingly – though does last quite a while, so in terms of lip moisturiser it does its job, I just wouldn’t be able to get over the stickiness if I were to have a full size (thank god for samples!)
Finally is the most recent issue of ELLE, the August issue which in shops now. This month they gave a small pack of three samples from The Organic Pharmacy. Now this is a brand I have never heard of and from the packaging, it does look like something you would pick up from the pharmacy. All products are rose scented and in this pack is a Lip Balm, Facial Cleansing Gel and Face Cream. The lip balm firstly, is very watery; this is something I first noticed, which I found quite odd. Meaning, once on the lips it didn’t feel right, as if it would just slip off as soon as I went to take a drink.. strange. With the cleansing gel, aside from the strong rosy smell (which I’m not a fan of, really) Feels very refreshing and not a lot is needed, if I were to need a new cleanser, I’d definitely give this a try! Aaaaand lastly, the face cream, the rose scent seems even more pungent with this product, meaning this puts me off slightly from wanting a full size. I’ve used this most nights over the past four days now and I have to say it hasn’t made a huge difference, though again, like the lip balm, the formula is quite watery, therefore is refreshing, though seems odd to apply. I think this face cream needs a few more uses before I can say I love or hate it, we’ll wait and see…


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