Dressing for the Last of S/S

As its now the last day of August, yes THE LAST DAY OF AUGUST (serious, wtf) It's officially the last day of summer, which feels absolutely stupid to say because I think we've had a total of 4 days of sun all together (or it might be even less haha) So, as its the last day where its kind of acceptable to wear skirts and sandals, I went aaaall out on a trip to Liverpool the other day in a last bid to get some wear out of clothes that will gather dust and cobwebs for the next, I don't know 8/9 months?!

As it was sunny-ish, and sunglasses were acceptable, I decided to get another wear out of this absolutely beautiful scalloped skirt from Topshop. I bought it around a week ago after working endless shifts in work - a payday treat is never a bad thing! I'll admit, it is a little short, though I feel it doesn't look as if it should be a belt like some mini skirts out there.. being 5ft 8, buying skirts can be a nightmare! Though, this pale grey and white striped skirt looks so delicate and pretty, when I saw it on Topshop, I couldn't leave it!
I paired it with a simple white vest top and black sandals.. both comfy and practical (shopping all day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes is a modern day horror story, agree?) Also, as I said, the sun did make an appearance, so I decided my new Prada sunglasses should make an appearance..
These sunglasses, I have to say are probably the best thing I've bought all year! Yes, I know Prada is very expensive and I don't buy designer sunglasses often (the last time was four years ago, so) but yano when you're in airport duty free and there's 40% off and you've saved loads for the holiday and they're just there staring at you in all their wooden, patterned, designer glory, you just have to have a tiny splurge.. to be honest I have zero regrets, because I always wear sunglasses and I 100% will wear them, so is it really a waste of money? (I'm going to say no, to make myself feel better!)

Altogether, I had a lovely day visiting my cousin in Liverpool, feeling all summery, spending too much money in Zara and eating Zizzi Italian until I couldn't move.. what a lovely Thursday that was!

Snippets of.. Cyprus

Right, so its now Friday the 28th of August and I came off my holiday on Sunday the 23rd of August.. to say that I literally haven't stopped since I came home is an understatement, this being the reason its taken me nearly a week to upload these photos!
As I said, last week I had went on my second holiday of the year - a more relaxing one compared to my Ibiza trip it has to be said, in the beautiful and extremely hot country of Cyprus. This was my third time visiting and I have to say I'd forgotten how hot it could get at peak time (38*C most days!)
As it was just me and mum who went, it gave me time to have some quality mother/daughter time, it was just so lovely!
Whilst there, the daily routine was basically sun bathing for eight hours (well I did about an hour in total #parasollove) then eating amazing food and going to bed.. literally I was in total bliss for 7 days.

The part of Cyprus we stayed at was Protaras, which is about 10 minutes from the infamous Ayia Napa, which made where we were more of the family friendly part of the island, which basically had a strip of bars and restaurants, with entertainment and tribute acts a-plenty. For the majority of the holiday I basically did a lot of lounging about (even having a facial one day <3) and swimming in the pool. Though, one day we went on a little excursion, which even the title of the trip made us laugh hysterically - we went on a 'Donkey Safari' Which meant, we went to a Donkey farm and rode them through fields, similar to what was traditional of Cyprus year ago. Literally, me and mum couldn't stop laughing throughout it all, I even got the naughty donkey which decided to start galloping - I'm sure a little bit of wee came out because I genuinely thought I'd fall off an die!! (I'm really not at one with animals haha) Other then that, we moved very little, though I have to admitted I did try every cocktail there was.. well yano when your mums paying...!

So, this was my little holiday to Cyprus, now it's back to reality with work and responsibility being through by the bucket load.. aaaah to be back in the heat right now would be good!


A Week Living Vegan

Staring from Monday the 3rd of August, I challenged myself to go vegan for a week. A challenge with very little true reason, other than the fact I wanted to see if I actually could do it, because being a big meat-eater and dairy-lover makes me anything but a vegan!
Before I started I researched what I could and couldn't eat, and to my surprise there are actually are  a fairly large amount of products out there that are vegan - for example Kingsmill white bread, who knew! (there was me thinking it was only tasteless rye bread I'd have to live on!) To be honest, I'm quite open minded when it comes to food, I'll try anything and eat it if it looks nice. I've always been a lover of fruit and veg (I was the girl who got seconds on carrots in primary school!) meaning for this challenge I was actually looking forward, rather than dreading the lack of meat!
All week, a big love developed between me and Alpro Hazelnut milk - regular milk being an actually hate of mine (I only having it warm on cereal and in coffee - because you can't taste it) and I love nut flavoured things, therefore this will be something I'll actually carry on drinking!
With dairy alternatives, I found the brand Alpro in general to be a great discovery - their yogurts and milk made with soya tasted exactly the same as the regulars!

In terms of actual meals, stir fries, soups & Linda McCartney sausage sandwiches were eaten religiously. To be fair, I think the reason I loved this diet so much was because I was actually making myself homemade food every night, with sauces and fresh veg. I actually made the effort, a few nights to make homemade sweet potato fries and my god, they tasted like a gift from heaven!
All in all, whilst shopping for foods, almost all food is packages with the allergens highlighted in bold. Meaning, when I was shopping I'd pick something up, lets say Quorn sausages and look at the main ingredients; from that I'd be able to quickly see if there was milk included or anything along those lines!
For me, I proved to myself that I can live off the food of the earth, as opposed to the foods from animals, though it was only for a week, I've learnt so much and there are a few different foods that I'd never have tried otherwise! hazelnut milk and vegan sausages will definitely be staying in my everyday diet - as well as soya cinnamon lattes from Costa! - thanks vegan diet!!