Dressing as Bright as the Sun

When it comes to outfit posts, I never know which road to go down. Do I talk about the outfit itself, the skirt, the styles, how weather appropriate it is (maybe that ones a British thing) or do I talk about the day and what I wore it for. Well, today I think I'll do a bit of both - oh the excitement.

Over the weekend, I was blessed with not one but two exiting occurrences, rare things that seem to not coincide often.. a day off from work AND shining sun. As soon as the sun's out, my fashion brain immediately screams 'skirts', I honestly love buying them and if I'm not going to wear one when there's sunshine, when am it? So out came this 60's inspired mini skirt from Zara (well, where else eh?)  with a light, loose white Next blouse and some dainty grey brogues. All, in all I don't think I've felt so summery nor have I felt I've channelled Ms.Swift as much either (minus the long pins)

During my glorious day off, I actually did the most mid-aged thing imaginable for an eighteen year old - went for a coffee mid-afternoon, then took myself (and myself only, my friend had to go elsewhere) on a long drive (with the spice girl playing full blast - I do treat myself well) around the countryside and mountains - because welsh countryside in summer is a scene of total bliss; seriously. All, in all, I have to say my soul has never felt so replenished and I've ended my day by watching a film on the sofa. Sometimes in life, the small things really do matter and once you've clear your head of stress and worry, the feeling of content has never felt so sweet aaaah.