Dressing for the Last of S/S

As its now the last day of August, yes THE LAST DAY OF AUGUST (serious, wtf) It's officially the last day of summer, which feels absolutely stupid to say because I think we've had a total of 4 days of sun all together (or it might be even less haha) So, as its the last day where its kind of acceptable to wear skirts and sandals, I went aaaall out on a trip to Liverpool the other day in a last bid to get some wear out of clothes that will gather dust and cobwebs for the next, I don't know 8/9 months?!

As it was sunny-ish, and sunglasses were acceptable, I decided to get another wear out of this absolutely beautiful scalloped skirt from Topshop. I bought it around a week ago after working endless shifts in work - a payday treat is never a bad thing! I'll admit, it is a little short, though I feel it doesn't look as if it should be a belt like some mini skirts out there.. being 5ft 8, buying skirts can be a nightmare! Though, this pale grey and white striped skirt looks so delicate and pretty, when I saw it on Topshop, I couldn't leave it!
I paired it with a simple white vest top and black sandals.. both comfy and practical (shopping all day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes is a modern day horror story, agree?) Also, as I said, the sun did make an appearance, so I decided my new Prada sunglasses should make an appearance..
These sunglasses, I have to say are probably the best thing I've bought all year! Yes, I know Prada is very expensive and I don't buy designer sunglasses often (the last time was four years ago, so) but yano when you're in airport duty free and there's 40% off and you've saved loads for the holiday and they're just there staring at you in all their wooden, patterned, designer glory, you just have to have a tiny splurge.. to be honest I have zero regrets, because I always wear sunglasses and I 100% will wear them, so is it really a waste of money? (I'm going to say no, to make myself feel better!)

Altogether, I had a lovely day visiting my cousin in Liverpool, feeling all summery, spending too much money in Zara and eating Zizzi Italian until I couldn't move.. what a lovely Thursday that was!

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