Snippets of.. Cyprus

Right, so its now Friday the 28th of August and I came off my holiday on Sunday the 23rd of August.. to say that I literally haven't stopped since I came home is an understatement, this being the reason its taken me nearly a week to upload these photos!
As I said, last week I had went on my second holiday of the year - a more relaxing one compared to my Ibiza trip it has to be said, in the beautiful and extremely hot country of Cyprus. This was my third time visiting and I have to say I'd forgotten how hot it could get at peak time (38*C most days!)
As it was just me and mum who went, it gave me time to have some quality mother/daughter time, it was just so lovely!
Whilst there, the daily routine was basically sun bathing for eight hours (well I did about an hour in total #parasollove) then eating amazing food and going to bed.. literally I was in total bliss for 7 days.

The part of Cyprus we stayed at was Protaras, which is about 10 minutes from the infamous Ayia Napa, which made where we were more of the family friendly part of the island, which basically had a strip of bars and restaurants, with entertainment and tribute acts a-plenty. For the majority of the holiday I basically did a lot of lounging about (even having a facial one day <3) and swimming in the pool. Though, one day we went on a little excursion, which even the title of the trip made us laugh hysterically - we went on a 'Donkey Safari' Which meant, we went to a Donkey farm and rode them through fields, similar to what was traditional of Cyprus year ago. Literally, me and mum couldn't stop laughing throughout it all, I even got the naughty donkey which decided to start galloping - I'm sure a little bit of wee came out because I genuinely thought I'd fall off an die!! (I'm really not at one with animals haha) Other then that, we moved very little, though I have to admitted I did try every cocktail there was.. well yano when your mums paying...!

So, this was my little holiday to Cyprus, now it's back to reality with work and responsibility being through by the bucket load.. aaaah to be back in the heat right now would be good!



  1. Cyprus always seems so amazing! I wish I had the chance to visit the country! I think it's really cool to go on holiday and visit many amazing places but I also think it's wonderful to simply go there and enjoy the place, not doing much just relaxing! Xx

    1. I absolutely love Cyprus, it really is an amazing country! Oh yes It was lovely to not do much and relax for a week!! xx