Products Which Don't Hit The Spot

Right, so its that time of the month were there are millions of monthly favourites posts/videos floating about, so to put something up that's a tiny bit different (nothings original on the internet anymore is it!) I've got some products that I've been using and found to have more flaws than be favourites.
First is the LancĂ´me Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, I have to say, by looking at it, the packaging is so sophisticated and when on, it definitely gives definition - both in colour and volume. The one thing that is a flaw is that it smudges so incredible easily. By this I mean that, after say an hour of wearing it, I'm almost guaranteed to have black marks under my eyes - as if I've rubbed them. I know this mascara isn't waterproof, so is obviously going to smudge a throughout the day, but never have I used one to smudge SO much; its seriously so annoying for the price it is - ill carry on using it because it was around £20/£30 to get my moneys worth, but its just irritating when I have to wipe under my eyes every hour because its smudged!
Next is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation -  a product which seemed to be raved about when released (the main reason I bought it - I'd only heard good things) I have to say, its the worst foundation I've ever used - seriously. I have the shade Ecru which I'm sure is one of the lightest but on my skin it seems so orangey. Also, it just doesn't sit or blend very well, the formula just seem that bit too thick.. I don't maybe I'm using wrong, I'm just not impressed by it at all!
Adding to skin care is the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense, which if you have dry skin may work better than how I've found it (I' have combination skin - normal cheeks/forhead, acne prone chin) I just find it sits on the skin for far too long. Usually, if I apply a moisturiser, an hour or so later my skin feel soft and back normal (if you get me!) But with this, after an hour, its still sticky/greasy on the skin and I just look incredibly shiny! A feeling I loathe..

To carry on my rant (sorry) the Oribe Texturising Spray is so incredible horrible on the hair. I'm so confused by this product, because I've literally seen so many people rave about it (Lily Pebbles for one, which is why I'm so confused.. and she knows everything about beauty!!) It says on the tin, its an alternative to dry shampoo, which should mean it hides the fact you've let hair go just that one too many days without a wash. But no, this product basically highlights the fact may roots are greasy and leaves the most vile, heavy 'texture' to my hair. Again, maybe I'm using it wrong (not sure how but maybe) I just can't stand it, and for the price it is, I seriously regret jumping on the bandwagon.
Finally, FINALLY (haha) is makeup wipes, which to be honest, everyone one knows are bad and should only be used when you're having a seriously lazy evening with skin care. The main thing that doesn't hit the spot with these is the fact that most of your mascara you tried to take off the night before, STILL ends up under your eyes in the morning (despite practically pulling your eyelashes with these the night before!) they can just be terrible at the best of times!


  1. Its such a shame you didn't like the double wear foundation, this is probably the first negative review i have seen on it. I love the Toni & Guy Texturing Salt Spray its amazing you should try that one :) x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. Yeah the double wear just doesn't do it for me :( aaaah Toni & Guy - ive heard good things, might try that soon because this oribe one is just horrible! X