The Low-key Uniform of Choice

Before I start, I literally had no idea what to call this post, because I took these photos on a whim and decided to blog about the outfit today - well isn't that what blogging's all about, documenting what goes on in your life haha!
Well anyway, despite the title not making that much sense, there is a bit of simple meaning behind what I'm trying to say. Because for the past week I've literally had the laziest of days, watching telly and strolling through Twitter and Instagram - my 'low-key uniform of choice' therefore is this outfit right here (minus the sandals obvs - I didn't want to take photos with bare feet!) for the past week, comfy trousers and a vest has literally been my uniform. As I have just come back off holiday, my desire to get out the house and do things has been low, but to be honest, I had a full week of being in another country, so I think I'm aloud a few lazy days in the house to relish the fact I am in fact home to creature comforts.
These Forever 21 trousers, I must say, are the comfiest trousers I've ever bought. When I first picked them up I literally stared at them for about 10 minutes, not able to decided if they were trousers I would be able to pull off or the ugliest thing in the world.. and to be honest I still can't decide.
I still stare in the mirror every time I wear them, questioning if the fit is too loose or just right.. oh the struggles of being a girl, huh!
Anyway, this ahs been a bit of rambly post of nothingness, but yano, sometimes life isn't that exiting and you just have to write about the finer things in life! - I think I'll leave it here and try and get myself out the house to do something exiting.. the uncomfortable, yet fashionable skinny jeans are calling...