Run Rabbit Run | Update no.1

If you have read my previous 'Run Rabbit Run' (as I like to call it) post, you'd know that I've just began to run, making it a weekly goal to run around 4-5 times. In my first post I simply explained that I wanted to start, well now I've began, so here's diary entry number 2!

Over the past few weeks, I've been try to establish what my running abilities are, meaning I've been starting off very slowly and building from that. At the moment I'm able to run a solid 1 mile in just over 8 minutes, with me increasing this to 1.6 miles just a few days ago. To some this my be nothing, but I have literally started from zero and am actually proud that I'm so so close to being able to run 2 miles comfortably - 2 miles being my goal for this week or next!
On the whole I'm really enjoying running at the moment - I've even downloaded the Nike+ Running app on my phone, which tracks and measures your progress; ideal because I can see my development mapped out!
My first goal was to be able to run 1 mile, with that now done, I'm aiming for 5 miles (cross fingers!)
To be honest, the time in which I do it in is no bother to me as I just aim to be able to run these distances at a comfortable pace and not feel like death warmed up once finished - I can just about deal with the hot, sweaty mess I am once I hit that 'stop' button on the running machine!

Check back in a few months time when hopefully I'll be smiling about my abilities on running 5 miles.. as I said CROSS FINGERS!


Double Shades of Denim

Without trying to re-enact B*witched, I braved the double denim look for day out this week and much to my surprised I didn't get anyone sing C'est la vie at me, nor did the nightmare of Britney & Justin circa AMA's 2001 spring to mind; I braved the double denim debate and really, I think I got away with it.
With double denim, it can always be tricky, whitewash seems to always spring in and out of the fashion heights; the denim jacket always seeming to be a staple for summer indefinitely. Though, for the autumn months, I feel it brings a bit of life and colour to otherwise dark and gloomy shades that are naturally worn.
For this day, my activities were very menial but yano if you're stepping out the house you can't just wear anything; So I'd most definitely call this one of my more casual ordeals. But yano, I think everyone gets into this dilemma sometimes -  you get dressed in an outfit were you look in the mirror and go 'yep, that'll do' then realise you need to wear a coat; but nothing matches. Well, with this outfit, no trench or raincoat looked right, so double denim it was. As, it was two different shades, really you cannot tell, but inside you thinking you look this biggest fool (or am I being self conscious haha) All in all, a simple outfit for a simple day out the house - with only half the time spent humming to the beat of 'say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't..'


My Two Pence into London Fashion Week

:: Victoria Victoria Beckham ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
The first collection which definitely caught my eye and I would say was a highlight for me, after scrolling the 'net through many of LFW's great exhibitions was the Victoria Victoria Beckham collection. I have to say, her collections are always something to lust after; I'm forever scrolling her website, dreaming of clutching one of her bags or rocking the patterned a-lines; though never have I the bank balance to fund anything by her (well I do have The Spice Girls greatest hits CD, does that count?!)  At first look, her collection seems trademark to her style; crisp and formal, though with bold colours that draw together the eye-catching patterns. The style of the collection was drawn from Moroccan influences (according to Vogue, who's going to argue with them, eh?!) and with the look of the loose fits, this seems evident. On the whole, as I say to myself, if its a collection of pieces I would be comfortable and love wearing, then its a love of mine - this collection is just that.. Posh Spice you didn't disappoint!!!
:: Burberry Prorsum SS16 ~ Ready-to-Wear
Next is the epitome of British design - Burberry; now this traditional line has always been a bit up and down in terms of me love for it. The traditional check has always seem to be a little (do I dare say) common. Though over the last few years the traditional check, as well as its extended 'Prorsum' label seemed to have been reinvented, now seeming to be elegant with a Brit-chic feel. This collection seemed sophisticated, with a high influences of black and nude shades - a big difference to the VVB's feel of bright bolds. On the whole, the collection drew comparisons to All Saints trademark feel of dark shades in my mind, though plenty of shape and fitted to bring shape and enhance the body - the dress on the left being drawn in at the waist to enhance the female shape.
:: Chloe - Pre ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
With Chloe, I have to say, I haven't invested a lot of my time in the same way I scour the likes of Victoria Beckham's designs. Though, I have seen the latest lust of the Chloe Drew bag across social media platforms. Whilst looking through the latest fashion collections of the week, this one stood out prominently. I have to say, its the simplicity of the pieces that draws me in, with muted colours and loose fits - the use of nudes being very evident throughout. Though, some strips of animal print seemed to used, this showing signs of leopard or zebra making a more distinguished comeback this SS16 (though has it ever left?!) Overall, this collection seems to define (in my book) breezy, the laid back feel makes me sense relaxed - and who doesn't love relaxed, right?
:: Palmer//Harding ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear

Finally, is brand new to me; though from this collection I will definitely do more homework in learning what's to do with this brand. On the surface, the airy designs are very pastel based, with a formal feel. Most noticeable of the styling of these pieces are the high necklines, I feel sometimes this type of neckline can seem unflattering, though Palmer//Harding seem to pull it off in a formal way, making a statement of the bold shape. On the whole, this collection drew a lot of interest to me, with the colours and shapes being pieces I would buy if it was a something on the shelves of a high street chain.


Change of Season, Change of Hair

If I were say I have any kind of tradition, changing my hair with the seasons is definitely one of them - when the sun starts shining, I'm all for the blonde and highlights, but come autumn all I want is the dark do back from the winter before. Well, last week I visited the hairdressers for the annual lowlights and banishing the blonde and toner (with a good ol'chop as well, bye bye dry/ straw-like hair.. you will not be missed)

As another autumn tradition, I have to say my knee-high boots have become something of a staple for this time of the year. These brown boots from last autumn are the perfect shoe for the colder/rainier weather. Not only are they a solid, warm boot - they keep my legs warm and allow me to wear skirts even if its not completely acceptable to. Obviously, if you have read this blog more than once, you will notice I have quite a thing for skirts, this red wine coloured one, paired with a light stone cable knit, definitely brings in the element of autumn fashion, though as I was going out for a shopping trip - it seemed casual enough to walk down the high street in; the scarf was added because I simply love cosy scarves and honestly missed nestling in it over the warmer months.
I feel looks like this will be replicated for me over the next few months as I most definitely have plenty of skirts this shade/ style, with the brown boots being versatile enough to go with any other shades.. off the top of my head, there aren't an awful amount of shades that don't go with brown...

The Book List #1


Not That Kind of Girl // Lena Dunham

 For the first time on this blog of mine I'm going to review a book (no harm in changing things up a bit, eh?) I'm not going to lie, I'm not the biggest book worm; you won't catch me reading for hours on end or come to me on advice on a good read for a winter. I'm more of a  person that goes through fazes, I could go months with out picking up even a single chapter then suddenly have a pile I want to read; I'm more the on and off book worm (if such a thing!)
Whilst in the airport on the way to Cyprus a few weeks back, I quickly pick this up in WHSmith after realising I had no book to read by the pool (prime reading time) I basically picked it up because it was pink and looked the kind of light-hearted girly book (kinda judged this book by its cover - don't kill me)
On the whole it was just that - a light hearted take on life by a women named Lena Denham. It's kind of a self help book in a way that she tells stories and scenarios of things that have happened in her life, telling her audience that 'this happened to me, so if it happens to you, don't feel bad about it' - well that's the narrative I got! She splits the book into five sections -  'Love & Sex', 'Body', 'Friendship', 'Work' & 'Big Picture' and talks through each section (as the cover reads) about what's she's learnt. As parts of the book are talked about 'to the point' and in raw detail which gives it a really truthful edge. Through the swearing and graphic scenarios Lena has got hear self in, it makes you smile and gives you spirit that its ok to be reckless and make mistakes. The cover had a little sticker that read 'creator and star of HBO's GIRLS' - and after reading this I series feel I need to watch Girls, because if the humour from this book is half as much as it is in Girls, then I feel I will have found a new series to guide me through life.


Nineteen Years on Planet Earth

So its officially over - the shine of being eighteen has gone and now I'm just, well - old. Ok, I'm probably being a bit exaggerative but I have to say you're nineteenth birthday must be one of the most unspectacular hahaha. On the whole I had a lovely day yesterday; I went for a morning shopping trip with my auntie, had my nails done, went for an Italian meal with my close friends, then went out drinking (- and actually enjoyed it wow!!) All together, I didn't get anything big in terms of presents, because well, I didn't need anything, so just some face cream and bits like that were enough for me! - told you this birthday was far from spectacular. Some beauty bits my mum gave me was the L'occitane Precious cream, which is my third pot; luuuurve that stuff. Also the Urban Decay Naked Concealer which I've heard is very similar to the Nars Creamy Concealer, meaning I'm sure I'll love it!
I also got some candles and a diffuser which I have to admit made me very happy, love a bit of home wear!
All together, I had a really simple, but great day which is really all I wanted - now I just have to come to the realisation that I'm a year away from being in my 20's... wtf

Outfit Planning for a Life in the Office

[Pattern Trousers; Zara,
So, as the title suggests - I am currently preparing for a 'life in the office', something I'm actually really exited about! I finished my A Levels this year and instead of going down the predictable University route, I wanted to go straight into the world of work - uni life just doesn't seem for me right now.
Although I'm not staring my job for a few more weeks yet (paper work to blame for my lack of starting yet #annoying) I have been picking up various pieces that are not too formal (its as pretty small relaxed office!) but yano if you're starting something new you just have to have new clothes!
As always, most of the pieces here are Zara with the odd Topshop and Forever 21 additions and most are pretty low-key, but there's only so many plain clothes I can buy before I just need pattern and colour! ...hence the bright patterned trousers, which I thought paired with a plain top, could be worn on several different occasions.
I feel, as I'm going to a job with no uniform, I need to make up a uniform of my own.. so with two different kinds of trousers and a handful of tops, I can hopefully chop and change so I never have to the morning 'OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' moment - will see how this goes!
[Striped Blouse; Zara,
 [apologies for the quality of these two photos- 7pm natural light & a not-so-good camera obviously isn't the recipe for success!]

Run Rabbit Run | The Beginning

If you can't guess from the photo already; I'm starting to run, no not away from my responsibilities like I wish I could, no, as a bit of a hobby and a way of keeping fit. So, as a way of monitoring this and tracking my progress, what better way then to blog about it?! (reason #3746 why blogging is amazing!!)
I wrote in a post about a year ago now, that once I had 'officially' finished school and my working life/gap year begun, I wanted to take up running. Well, I'm not a women who goes back on my word, so here I am starting (another) new hobby.
To be honest, I've always been a bit fan of running - did you know I was never beating in the running race in sports day; waaaay back in primary school.. (debating now whether that's a big enough achievement for my CV, maaaybe not) Well, moral of that is I've always liked running, but really I haven't ran properly since I won the 100m sprint in year 8.. think it's about time I took it back up haha
What I plan do one day, and I'm taking 2 years or more in the future is to do the London Marathon.. I'm taking way way way in the future (right now I can barely jog half a mile #truestory) but its always been a dream of mine, can you imagine how it must feel to cross the finish line?!.. well I'm a girl that cries at ANYTHING even remotely soppy or heart felt, so I'm predicting I'd probably burst into tears!!! Anyway, before that I think I actually need to be able to run for at least 5 minutes before I almost collapse. So, this is the week I begin and hopefully (if I'm still blogging) I can look back on this in a few years and be able to run gracefully, no sweat and glade across the finish line, having just ran 26 miles.. haha future Lisa, if you're reading this.. don't let me down!!!


Going Down the Casual Route

When its comes to dressing daily, I usually either like to wear nice skirt and tights, or go to the other extreme of wear joggers and an old hoodie. It's one or the other, either if I'm going out the house I'll wear a skirt or if I'm being lazy and not going out, I'll wear the comfiest jogging bottoms I have (never understood people who wear jeans to lounge about, can you?!)
But, on the days were I skirt isn't really doable (weather or mood permitted usually) jeans are the obvious go to piece. I feel like leggings have had there day as the going-out-the-house casual bottoms and denim, as popular as its ever been its thriving. I recently bought these medium wash coloured jeans from All Saints, in a sale for £31 which I thought was the one of the best bargains I'd ever found (thinking in the sense that this brand is a little pricy usually and Topshop selling jeans for more, I was a happy bunny!)
I find denim in this shade, the perfect casual bottom, because well, it goes with the whole spectrum of colours with you being able to dress them up or down. As I wanted to wear my new (beautiful) heels from Mulberry, I thought these jeans would be the perfect why to be casual whilst wearing heels.
Often, I get a sense of self-consciousness wearing heels, being 5ft 8", heels seem to make me replicate an MBA player, so wanting to wear heels but not stand out takes careful planning.
On the whole, this outfit plus the heels made me look as casual as hoped, whilst wearing shoes which are far from the casual most would dream up!

Designer Discovery | Sonia Rykiel

So, over here on this little blog on mine I've been going through a little bit of a faze, a little faze that is focusing more on fashion when it comes to content and general writing. This being through shooting more outfits post, showcasing what pieces I've bought and just generally moving away from the whole 'beauty blogging' thaaang. I don't know why, I think it's just I've got tired of picturing lipsticks and nail polishes endlessly and want to focus my time on something I 'love' rather then 'like'. Meaning, as I move my blog towards a more fashion-y theme, I want to have as little beauty related content as possible; anyway, there's a whole catalogue of amazing beauty bloggers out there so I doubt my shift will make any world changing impact haha (watch, give it two months and I'll be wittering on endlessly about a new shade of pink lipstick I've found, you watch!)
Anyway, on to the post and here I've posted some screen grabs of the latest Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Ready-to-Wear Spring 2015. Its a brand I've never in fact heard of before, but after a trip to designer outlet the other week, I stumbled across this brand and after a quick browse (no purchase) fell a little bit in love with the designs. I'll admit, its not a brand I would be able to buy pieces from regularly, its more of a brand where you lust after a piece and if (that's a bit if) you felt you've worked hard enough and saved enough, you can have a bit of a splurge. In the shop that I visited itself, the pinks of this collection was very evident and after reading into the brand itself, it seem the 'rosy hues' are of somewhat trademark. Being a big fan of more bright clothing, the patterns and colours of there collection seem feminine yet not to out there compared to some designer efforts - their style seems more low key, yet eye catching from the use of colours.
Me, myself I'm not the kind of person to shop designers at every given moment - I'm not in the high-powered job position as of yet to just 'pop' into Saint Laurent! So, I'm not saying here I have found my 'new Topshop' but here we have designer we can lust after, browse their websites and hope one day you'll be able to get that £800 cable knit sweater - just like them Valentino rockstuds or those Gucci loafers (a girl can dream can't she!)
So, after what turned out to be quite a bank-balance-crushing (though not from Sonia Rykeil unfortunately!) trip to an Outlet park, I came away find a brand that has every recipe to be my favourite place to browse or lust, Sonia Rykiel.. I may never heard of it before, but I certainly know about it know.

All Them Stripes & Denim

So, its seems as if the second September has struck I'm back in the woollen tights, well to be honest I'd probably would have been wearing them all summer, bar a few days, though thick tights in mid-August doesn't seem acceptable.. but now. Now, its officially Autumn, which in a sense, makes me a bit sad. Because everything seems to happen so fast in the colder months and before you know it, its New Years Eve and you're having a serious 'wtf?' moment about time and how fast it goes.
Don't get me wrong, I love the novelties of the autumn months, especially since its someone's birthday come the 18th of this month wink wink! You know, the darker evenings, the cosy nights on the sofa etc etc etc. But, still it's just so much nicer when the sun is shining, at the end of the day.. Anyway, not to sound too British and lark on about the weather too much, here's an outfit I wore this week that is simple, yet has enough colour to not be fade into the background too much (oh we couldn't be having that; everyday a fashion show after all)
To not sound too much like a broken record, this outfit is all Zara, well bar the grey tights.. I actually stepped foot in somewhere other than Zara and ventured into Forever 21 (I know, I surprised myself too!)
The denim skirt has made an appearance before in one of my #ootd posts, but yano when an item of clothing is this beautiful, how can you not wear it more than once. I actually feel it has quite a autumnal vibe to it, as its quite thick denim (though it did look fine with a summer blouse before!) As for the striped blouse, its supposed to be a work blouse for when I start my office job, but that's
not beginning for another 3 weeks so I gave it a trial run this week! (note; its comfy and will do for work!) As for the boots, I mentioned them in my previous post, the camel colour (as I said) does in fact bring a little life to an outfit and gave it a little preppy-ish vibe...yay for camel suede!

Recently in my Wardrobe

So, to say that I've had a little bit of a spendy few weeks would be an understatement, I went on two pretty big shopping trips and, well my wages have magically vanished. Oh well, yano it is the end of summer and I have worked endless shifts throughout... WHAT IS MONEY ANYWAY (my excuse every time I want something but should be saving)
Recently, I've been going through a bit of a clothes-buying spree and completely gone off buying anything beauty wise all together; well apart from the new Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose. Its a nude/pink colour which is a shade I never choose, so I finally have a nude to add to my lipstick collection (this is probably the only purchase, I can properly justify ha)
As for clothing; Zara once again just had the dreamiest of new-in sections and the velvet roll-neck top is just the most unique thing I've ever seen. To be honest, these kinds of pieces are probably everywhere, but I'm a bit blind sometimes and only browse Zara, so when I saw this I just couldn't leave it (my cousin who I was shopping with, bought it too haha!) It's beautiful floral white pattern is so eye catching, and the fit is so flattering on. It is cropped though, but works well with high waisted trousers/jeans so will definitely be well loved as the weather gets cooler!
Above also, are the two piece I've talked about already on this blog in previous posts; the wooden Prada sunglasses and the striped Forever 21 trousers. I gushed about these sunglasses in my last postliterally wearing them at every opportunity; serious heart eyes! With the trousers, I mentioned these a few weeks back, they were the ones I just couldn't decided if I liked them or not. Well, I've officially fallen for the cotton beauties and wear them for both lounging about and casual days out - what a great recipe for success!
Recent shoe additions come in the shape of some camel coloured suede boots from Zara and my biggest splurge yet; some gorgeous Mulberry tan heels. The boots are so different from what I own, the colour, I feel, will add some life into any dark outfit I choose. After wearing them once, they felt really comfortable despite the heel, so these will probably be worn right down by next spring!
As for the heels.. well I went shopping to an outlet park and feel in love. I couldn't leave them, when I did, all I could think about was these shoes, so I just had to buy them. To be honest, I don't really wear heels unless its a major special occasion but the heel is only 3inchs and were quite comfy as far heel go when I've worn them (around the house lol) Anyway, its my 19th birthday in two weeks so I could wear them then (that's a valid enough excuse isn't it?!)