All Them Stripes & Denim

So, its seems as if the second September has struck I'm back in the woollen tights, well to be honest I'd probably would have been wearing them all summer, bar a few days, though thick tights in mid-August doesn't seem acceptable.. but now. Now, its officially Autumn, which in a sense, makes me a bit sad. Because everything seems to happen so fast in the colder months and before you know it, its New Years Eve and you're having a serious 'wtf?' moment about time and how fast it goes.
Don't get me wrong, I love the novelties of the autumn months, especially since its someone's birthday come the 18th of this month wink wink! You know, the darker evenings, the cosy nights on the sofa etc etc etc. But, still it's just so much nicer when the sun is shining, at the end of the day.. Anyway, not to sound too British and lark on about the weather too much, here's an outfit I wore this week that is simple, yet has enough colour to not be fade into the background too much (oh we couldn't be having that; everyday a fashion show after all)
To not sound too much like a broken record, this outfit is all Zara, well bar the grey tights.. I actually stepped foot in somewhere other than Zara and ventured into Forever 21 (I know, I surprised myself too!)
The denim skirt has made an appearance before in one of my #ootd posts, but yano when an item of clothing is this beautiful, how can you not wear it more than once. I actually feel it has quite a autumnal vibe to it, as its quite thick denim (though it did look fine with a summer blouse before!) As for the striped blouse, its supposed to be a work blouse for when I start my office job, but that's
not beginning for another 3 weeks so I gave it a trial run this week! (note; its comfy and will do for work!) As for the boots, I mentioned them in my previous post, the camel colour (as I said) does in fact bring a little life to an outfit and gave it a little preppy-ish vibe...yay for camel suede!


  1. Love the outfit, those boots with the tights look lovely x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

  2. Love this look, esp your ankle boots from Zara and strip top! Looking lovely.

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs