Change of Season, Change of Hair

If I were say I have any kind of tradition, changing my hair with the seasons is definitely one of them - when the sun starts shining, I'm all for the blonde and highlights, but come autumn all I want is the dark do back from the winter before. Well, last week I visited the hairdressers for the annual lowlights and banishing the blonde and toner (with a good ol'chop as well, bye bye dry/ straw-like hair.. you will not be missed)

As another autumn tradition, I have to say my knee-high boots have become something of a staple for this time of the year. These brown boots from last autumn are the perfect shoe for the colder/rainier weather. Not only are they a solid, warm boot - they keep my legs warm and allow me to wear skirts even if its not completely acceptable to. Obviously, if you have read this blog more than once, you will notice I have quite a thing for skirts, this red wine coloured one, paired with a light stone cable knit, definitely brings in the element of autumn fashion, though as I was going out for a shopping trip - it seemed casual enough to walk down the high street in; the scarf was added because I simply love cosy scarves and honestly missed nestling in it over the warmer months.
I feel looks like this will be replicated for me over the next few months as I most definitely have plenty of skirts this shade/ style, with the brown boots being versatile enough to go with any other shades.. off the top of my head, there aren't an awful amount of shades that don't go with brown...

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