Designer Discovery | Sonia Rykiel

So, over here on this little blog on mine I've been going through a little bit of a faze, a little faze that is focusing more on fashion when it comes to content and general writing. This being through shooting more outfits post, showcasing what pieces I've bought and just generally moving away from the whole 'beauty blogging' thaaang. I don't know why, I think it's just I've got tired of picturing lipsticks and nail polishes endlessly and want to focus my time on something I 'love' rather then 'like'. Meaning, as I move my blog towards a more fashion-y theme, I want to have as little beauty related content as possible; anyway, there's a whole catalogue of amazing beauty bloggers out there so I doubt my shift will make any world changing impact haha (watch, give it two months and I'll be wittering on endlessly about a new shade of pink lipstick I've found, you watch!)
Anyway, on to the post and here I've posted some screen grabs of the latest Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Ready-to-Wear Spring 2015. Its a brand I've never in fact heard of before, but after a trip to designer outlet the other week, I stumbled across this brand and after a quick browse (no purchase) fell a little bit in love with the designs. I'll admit, its not a brand I would be able to buy pieces from regularly, its more of a brand where you lust after a piece and if (that's a bit if) you felt you've worked hard enough and saved enough, you can have a bit of a splurge. In the shop that I visited itself, the pinks of this collection was very evident and after reading into the brand itself, it seem the 'rosy hues' are of somewhat trademark. Being a big fan of more bright clothing, the patterns and colours of there collection seem feminine yet not to out there compared to some designer efforts - their style seems more low key, yet eye catching from the use of colours.
Me, myself I'm not the kind of person to shop designers at every given moment - I'm not in the high-powered job position as of yet to just 'pop' into Saint Laurent! So, I'm not saying here I have found my 'new Topshop' but here we have designer we can lust after, browse their websites and hope one day you'll be able to get that £800 cable knit sweater - just like them Valentino rockstuds or those Gucci loafers (a girl can dream can't she!)
So, after what turned out to be quite a bank-balance-crushing (though not from Sonia Rykeil unfortunately!) trip to an Outlet park, I came away find a brand that has every recipe to be my favourite place to browse or lust, Sonia Rykiel.. I may never heard of it before, but I certainly know about it know.

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