Double Shades of Denim

Without trying to re-enact B*witched, I braved the double denim look for day out this week and much to my surprised I didn't get anyone sing C'est la vie at me, nor did the nightmare of Britney & Justin circa AMA's 2001 spring to mind; I braved the double denim debate and really, I think I got away with it.
With double denim, it can always be tricky, whitewash seems to always spring in and out of the fashion heights; the denim jacket always seeming to be a staple for summer indefinitely. Though, for the autumn months, I feel it brings a bit of life and colour to otherwise dark and gloomy shades that are naturally worn.
For this day, my activities were very menial but yano if you're stepping out the house you can't just wear anything; So I'd most definitely call this one of my more casual ordeals. But yano, I think everyone gets into this dilemma sometimes -  you get dressed in an outfit were you look in the mirror and go 'yep, that'll do' then realise you need to wear a coat; but nothing matches. Well, with this outfit, no trench or raincoat looked right, so double denim it was. As, it was two different shades, really you cannot tell, but inside you thinking you look this biggest fool (or am I being self conscious haha) All in all, a simple outfit for a simple day out the house - with only half the time spent humming to the beat of 'say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't..'



  1. this look is very similar to one of my fave go to outfits, casual but yet slightly edgy. I've never dared to brave the double denim look, so props to you!

    Just found your blog and followed cause I really enjoy it, can't wait to see more from you :)


    1. Thanks you! I seem to always go for an outfit like this, its just so easy to throw on when you can't be bothered dressing up!
      I've given you a follow back too!