Going Down the Casual Route

When its comes to dressing daily, I usually either like to wear nice skirt and tights, or go to the other extreme of wear joggers and an old hoodie. It's one or the other, either if I'm going out the house I'll wear a skirt or if I'm being lazy and not going out, I'll wear the comfiest jogging bottoms I have (never understood people who wear jeans to lounge about, can you?!)
But, on the days were I skirt isn't really doable (weather or mood permitted usually) jeans are the obvious go to piece. I feel like leggings have had there day as the going-out-the-house casual bottoms and denim, as popular as its ever been its thriving. I recently bought these medium wash coloured jeans from All Saints, in a sale for £31 which I thought was the one of the best bargains I'd ever found (thinking in the sense that this brand is a little pricy usually and Topshop selling jeans for more, I was a happy bunny!)
I find denim in this shade, the perfect casual bottom, because well, it goes with the whole spectrum of colours with you being able to dress them up or down. As I wanted to wear my new (beautiful) heels from Mulberry, I thought these jeans would be the perfect why to be casual whilst wearing heels.
Often, I get a sense of self-consciousness wearing heels, being 5ft 8", heels seem to make me replicate an MBA player, so wanting to wear heels but not stand out takes careful planning.
On the whole, this outfit plus the heels made me look as casual as hoped, whilst wearing shoes which are far from the casual most would dream up!

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