Nineteen Years on Planet Earth

So its officially over - the shine of being eighteen has gone and now I'm just, well - old. Ok, I'm probably being a bit exaggerative but I have to say you're nineteenth birthday must be one of the most unspectacular hahaha. On the whole I had a lovely day yesterday; I went for a morning shopping trip with my auntie, had my nails done, went for an Italian meal with my close friends, then went out drinking (- and actually enjoyed it wow!!) All together, I didn't get anything big in terms of presents, because well, I didn't need anything, so just some face cream and bits like that were enough for me! - told you this birthday was far from spectacular. Some beauty bits my mum gave me was the L'occitane Precious cream, which is my third pot; luuuurve that stuff. Also the Urban Decay Naked Concealer which I've heard is very similar to the Nars Creamy Concealer, meaning I'm sure I'll love it!
I also got some candles and a diffuser which I have to admit made me very happy, love a bit of home wear!
All together, I had a really simple, but great day which is really all I wanted - now I just have to come to the realisation that I'm a year away from being in my 20's... wtf


  1. My 19th birthday was probably the worst I have had (not to sound miserable or anything)! I was at university, didn't get to see my parents cause I was in another city and spent the whole day studying or in lectures!
    But look forward to your 21st cause thats probably the best (so far) :D
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Hahaha im so glad I didnt move to university this year because chances are id have been there on my own and would've hated it! Yeah alot of family keep telling me to look forward to my 21st!!