Outfit Planning for a Life in the Office

[Pattern Trousers; Zara,
So, as the title suggests - I am currently preparing for a 'life in the office', something I'm actually really exited about! I finished my A Levels this year and instead of going down the predictable University route, I wanted to go straight into the world of work - uni life just doesn't seem for me right now.
Although I'm not staring my job for a few more weeks yet (paper work to blame for my lack of starting yet #annoying) I have been picking up various pieces that are not too formal (its as pretty small relaxed office!) but yano if you're starting something new you just have to have new clothes!
As always, most of the pieces here are Zara with the odd Topshop and Forever 21 additions and most are pretty low-key, but there's only so many plain clothes I can buy before I just need pattern and colour! ...hence the bright patterned trousers, which I thought paired with a plain top, could be worn on several different occasions.
I feel, as I'm going to a job with no uniform, I need to make up a uniform of my own.. so with two different kinds of trousers and a handful of tops, I can hopefully chop and change so I never have to the morning 'OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' moment - will see how this goes!
[Striped Blouse; Zara,
 [apologies for the quality of these two photos- 7pm natural light & a not-so-good camera obviously isn't the recipe for success!]

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