Recently in my Wardrobe

So, to say that I've had a little bit of a spendy few weeks would be an understatement, I went on two pretty big shopping trips and, well my wages have magically vanished. Oh well, yano it is the end of summer and I have worked endless shifts throughout... WHAT IS MONEY ANYWAY (my excuse every time I want something but should be saving)
Recently, I've been going through a bit of a clothes-buying spree and completely gone off buying anything beauty wise all together; well apart from the new Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose. Its a nude/pink colour which is a shade I never choose, so I finally have a nude to add to my lipstick collection (this is probably the only purchase, I can properly justify ha)
As for clothing; Zara once again just had the dreamiest of new-in sections and the velvet roll-neck top is just the most unique thing I've ever seen. To be honest, these kinds of pieces are probably everywhere, but I'm a bit blind sometimes and only browse Zara, so when I saw this I just couldn't leave it (my cousin who I was shopping with, bought it too haha!) It's beautiful floral white pattern is so eye catching, and the fit is so flattering on. It is cropped though, but works well with high waisted trousers/jeans so will definitely be well loved as the weather gets cooler!
Above also, are the two piece I've talked about already on this blog in previous posts; the wooden Prada sunglasses and the striped Forever 21 trousers. I gushed about these sunglasses in my last postliterally wearing them at every opportunity; serious heart eyes! With the trousers, I mentioned these a few weeks back, they were the ones I just couldn't decided if I liked them or not. Well, I've officially fallen for the cotton beauties and wear them for both lounging about and casual days out - what a great recipe for success!
Recent shoe additions come in the shape of some camel coloured suede boots from Zara and my biggest splurge yet; some gorgeous Mulberry tan heels. The boots are so different from what I own, the colour, I feel, will add some life into any dark outfit I choose. After wearing them once, they felt really comfortable despite the heel, so these will probably be worn right down by next spring!
As for the heels.. well I went shopping to an outlet park and feel in love. I couldn't leave them, when I did, all I could think about was these shoes, so I just had to buy them. To be honest, I don't really wear heels unless its a major special occasion but the heel is only 3inchs and were quite comfy as far heel go when I've worn them (around the house lol) Anyway, its my 19th birthday in two weeks so I could wear them then (that's a valid enough excuse isn't it?!)


  1. Zara have so many nice tops in at the moment! Love those boots! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave