Run Rabbit Run | The Beginning

If you can't guess from the photo already; I'm starting to run, no not away from my responsibilities like I wish I could, no, as a bit of a hobby and a way of keeping fit. So, as a way of monitoring this and tracking my progress, what better way then to blog about it?! (reason #3746 why blogging is amazing!!)
I wrote in a post about a year ago now, that once I had 'officially' finished school and my working life/gap year begun, I wanted to take up running. Well, I'm not a women who goes back on my word, so here I am starting (another) new hobby.
To be honest, I've always been a bit fan of running - did you know I was never beating in the running race in sports day; waaaay back in primary school.. (debating now whether that's a big enough achievement for my CV, maaaybe not) Well, moral of that is I've always liked running, but really I haven't ran properly since I won the 100m sprint in year 8.. think it's about time I took it back up haha
What I plan do one day, and I'm taking 2 years or more in the future is to do the London Marathon.. I'm taking way way way in the future (right now I can barely jog half a mile #truestory) but its always been a dream of mine, can you imagine how it must feel to cross the finish line?!.. well I'm a girl that cries at ANYTHING even remotely soppy or heart felt, so I'm predicting I'd probably burst into tears!!! Anyway, before that I think I actually need to be able to run for at least 5 minutes before I almost collapse. So, this is the week I begin and hopefully (if I'm still blogging) I can look back on this in a few years and be able to run gracefully, no sweat and glade across the finish line, having just ran 26 miles.. haha future Lisa, if you're reading this.. don't let me down!!!



  1. You will feel so good looking back and seeing how far you have come! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    1. Yeah hopefully i'll look back and actually have improved hahaha!! X