Run Rabbit Run | Update no.1

If you have read my previous 'Run Rabbit Run' (as I like to call it) post, you'd know that I've just began to run, making it a weekly goal to run around 4-5 times. In my first post I simply explained that I wanted to start, well now I've began, so here's diary entry number 2!

Over the past few weeks, I've been try to establish what my running abilities are, meaning I've been starting off very slowly and building from that. At the moment I'm able to run a solid 1 mile in just over 8 minutes, with me increasing this to 1.6 miles just a few days ago. To some this my be nothing, but I have literally started from zero and am actually proud that I'm so so close to being able to run 2 miles comfortably - 2 miles being my goal for this week or next!
On the whole I'm really enjoying running at the moment - I've even downloaded the Nike+ Running app on my phone, which tracks and measures your progress; ideal because I can see my development mapped out!
My first goal was to be able to run 1 mile, with that now done, I'm aiming for 5 miles (cross fingers!)
To be honest, the time in which I do it in is no bother to me as I just aim to be able to run these distances at a comfortable pace and not feel like death warmed up once finished - I can just about deal with the hot, sweaty mess I am once I hit that 'stop' button on the running machine!

Check back in a few months time when hopefully I'll be smiling about my abilities on running 5 miles.. as I said CROSS FINGERS!


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