First day of the Office

 (Blouse; Zara (similar), Shoes; Next,  Jeans; Next)
So, the day has finally arrived; I STARTED MY NEW JOB!
I'm absolutely over the moon because it's literally taken a month and a half more than it should have to be sorted out, its been such a drag and extremely annoying... oh well all good things come to those who wait, eh?
Its an office job, which may seem dull but to me I really really love it, as it's quite a small office and the three other women who work there seem absolutely lovely; quite a good recipe!
Here I've got my first day outfit which I wore today, which will basically be my own self-made uniform, its a casual office meaning I don't have to dress up too fancily.
As its quite a casual office, I bought some black leggings to wear everyday, though they have pockets designs, so aren't the typical cheap looking, everyday leggings, these are thick but comfy. The shirt  is what I wore today, but I have bought some similar ones to wear during the week.
The shoes are a little more fancy but probably the nicest shoes I own, they're from the 'forever comfort' range at Next, so I'm crossing fingers and toes that this is true! - I'd love to have work shoes that are forever comfy to wear.
Anyway, my first day is done, despite feeling a little bit like a lemon I got through the first day and I have to say its the best feeling in the world having a proper, adult job - yay for growing up!



  1. this is really cute! hope all goes well at your new job :)


    1. Aw thank you some much, that's so lovely of you to say! x