Highlights of My Week

 To mix it up a bit on this blog I thought I'd do a little post on a few highlights that made my life just that little more content over the past week or so. Four little things that have actually made a bit difference to my mood, they do say its the little things in life don't they, after all!
The first thing being the Mug from Asda that I picked up a few days ago. It was only £2 and I honestly think its the cutest thing ever. Me being a bit of coffee addict means there is always time for a coffee, so this mug could not be more true! Also, I seem to going through a weird phase were I like collecting cute mugs.. hmm I've gone through weird phases before but this is a bit of an odd one haha.
Another highlight is the fact its now cold enough to dig out my winter scarf, I bought this River Island one literally a year ago (checked back on the ol'blog for that one: the post's here!) I love big snuggly scarves, now there's no excuses to wrap in one at every opportunity!

Its felt like an age since I've done any kind of beauty review on here - another phase: Fashion > Beauty! Well, when I picked up this Barry M - Sparkling Ruby polish, its so beautiful not have some kind of mention on here. Its a glitter ruby red and just SCREAMS Christmas - I don't think I'm going to take it off my nails until the big day now! Also, with these new (ish) 'gelly hi shine' formula, they seem to be so much more long lasting.. very very good!
Lastly, is a beauty product I've thought to use or even buy, but yano with eyebrows becoming such an important thing now in every girls beauty routine, I thought I'd venture into eye brow gels. This one from Bobbi Brown has a small enough brush to give enough precision and actually keeps my brow hair in place all day; I've never used any other kind of brow gel before, so can't compare how good it actually is, but for me I've been lucky enough that this one was good first time!

(finally figured out manual focus on my camera lol) 


  1. The mug is so sweet! I love giant mugs, im currently loving my Disney one from the Disney Store x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I love this nail shade so much, I must try to pick it up next time I'm shopping :)
    Natasha X