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It seems I haven't had a bit of spend in awhile, well recently I've seemed to have dipped into my bank account on more than one occasion - I would say there hasn't been too much damage, but that would be lying!
I'll start with the Chanel top coat, a top coat I have to say seems to be an investment worthwhile, I've been using it over the last week and my nails only chipped on the fifth day.. not too bad really. To be honest, the packaging had me at hello, so even if it was crap, I'd still have probably carried on using it.. it IS Chanel after all! Next, is the River Island bobble hat (see it better here) which has fast become my favourite hat and probably the warmest I own; burgundy is just the best colour for A/W so this lil'bobble hat is just true love!

Having mentioned a few blog posts back that I'd started going through a bit of a faze of collecting cute mugs, this in fact has continued and I've bought this 'better latte than never mug' from LilyRoseCo. and it's made me more happy than it should do.. it doesn't take much to make me happy!
With the Pretty Honest book from Sali Hughes, this isn't necessarily a new purchase, rather than a new find.. from my local library! Ok I my only have it for a month, but its something new to read and so far I'm really really enjoying it. It's written in lots of sections, covering acne to aging, red lipstick and beyond.. a guide to life, every women should read at least once...

Finally, is the deal of the century from yours truly.. a blue throw from Laura Ashley - originally £60 - 50% in the sale and with £4.80 on a used gift card meant I bought this throw (that I'd actually wanted for a while) for a much lesser price and a much bigger smile. HAPPINESS.


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