On Wednesdays.. We Like Clichés

 (All Zara)
I couldn't help think of Mean Girls with this post, because yano its Wednesday and we ALL know on Wednesdays we wear pink HA - yes I know I'm cliché with that one, well how can you not love Mean Girls!!
Anyway, last Friday I went for a rather leisurely day shopping lots and drinking a little too much coffee (what's new) Also, it was the last time I'll probably brave the nude tights, autumns here an its was liiiiitle but chilly - Hence why I wore my fur coat! This Zara fur coat was an investment from last year and honestly it is thee warmest coat I own, its so snuggly, literally I feel like EVERYONE should invest in a fur coat - you won't be disappointed!
 Also whilst out I did the good deed of donating to Tickle Pink whilst in Asda and gave £1 for the little pin badge. I always think its so worth it buying these badges etc. because at the end of the day, a pound may not be a lot of money but its surprising how long it will go. Also, in River Island they do lovely little colourful bracelets, with £2 going towards Breast cancer charities too (I picked one up beginning of the week, they're seriously lovely!)
Cancer is such a nasty disease and although I have no once personally who has gone through breast cancer, I lost my granddad to cancer a few years back and it was (and still is) literally the hardest thing to go through. I actually found out yesterday that the 16th of October is The Big Pink Day for Breast Cancer, simply dressing in pink to raise awareness, so although it is only Wednesday, here's my pink outfit to raise awareness; its that simple!



  1. what a lovely post.. one of my favourites to date! xx