Red Red, Burberry

[Scarf; Burberry]
When it comes to treating myself, sometimes it means buying myself a cinnamon latte at Costa, sometimes it means treating myself to a new lipstick for autumn, and other times it means completely splashing out on a scarf that majorly dents your bank account but you have absolutely no regrets whatsoever; well, that's life isn't it.

There was no real reason behind me buying this beautiful cashmere Burberry scarf, other then the fact I really wanted one so saved for months and finally placed the order. Its in the traditional tartan check, though instead of going for the iconic tanned colour, I though red would be more appropriate for autumn/winter. With me not being the biggest fan of wearing red, asides lipstick, choosing this colour may be a bit stupid, but to be honest I'm going to MAKE all my clothes go with this scarf!!
I don't think I've ever loved an item of clothing as much as I've loved this, from the fancy box it came in, to my monogrammed initials along the bottom, to the utter happiness I feel when I wear it... its love, true true love.