The Hot One Hundred

 As I was scheduling and planning this weeks blog posts it dawned on my that this in fact is my 100 post, on this little blog of mine. It's been just over a year (I think) since I start this and I have to say, it's the most fun I've had and certainly the best hobby. Obviously for some, blogging for a year has brought them amazing opportunities, heaps of followers and free gifts a-boot. But for me, I've never really cared about all that - being an extremely shy girl at heart, I've loved the freedom blogging has had, with it being my little secret - no dramatic change (don't think I could cope with that!!). It's helped be become more organised (if that's possible) and my 'photography skills' (if you could call it that) has developed so much from when I first started.
Blogging is actually an amazing thing, with me being such a massive lover of creating scrapbooks, an online scrapbook is such a nice add-on and sometimes I love to look back over a year and laugh (or cringe) and what I wore/did/say - never thought you could change so much in a year!
I really really hope to carry on this blog as often as possible, and I think I need to stop getting so stressed by it at times - don't reeeally think it matter if a post goes up on a Wednesday when you've scheduled it in your diary for a Tuesday!!! For me, its genuinely a really fulfilling hobby to have and recently, with me having more time on my hands (whilst my new job is being sorted out) it's giving me something to actually do, given me motivation and made me look as if I'm busier then I actually am hahaha
Well, let's hope ill be on 200, 300 even 400 posts soon, because like I said, having a blog is such a nice memory box - who doesn't like looking back on their former self, this way there's always something funny to laugh about!



  1. I think the best bloggers blog for themselves and it took me a while to learn that. I love your blog! I hope you keep writing till the next hundred and so on :)


    1. Thank you very much lovely! I hope I can carry on till the next hundred too.. watch this space!!! x