Ways to Keep Yourself Relaxed

~  Ways to Keep Yourself Relaxed ~
When it comes to being relaxed, truly switching off, forgetting about the million & one things that are circulating inside your brain, it can be tough. Tough to find ways to relax and find the 'thing' that makes you forget about everything unimportant. For me, I'm a bit of stress-head when I have a busy schedule, I want to always go and not sit down till everything is done, which really, is extremely bad and tiring. I think I need to remember, that not everything needs to be done in the same second and you'll actually get a lot more things done quicker if you relax in-between. Here are a few things I do when I want to just relax and forget.. things I do to actually breath at a normal heart rate..

When I want to have a bit of me time the routine tends to go as follows, put on a face mask, light approx. 40 candles (well, there are or there abouts), put on a film that you know every word of (something comforting in that) and either pour myself a bit cup of coffee or fruit tea (depending how late it is in the evening) and (as of recently) bring out the colouring book.
Re-reading that again, I can honestly say that's the perfect definition of how I like to relax. Face Masks - especially anti-aging are extremely moisturising, so who cares that these things aren't supposed to be for nineteen year olds, they make my skin feel like a baby's! With candles, they genuinely make me feel so much more relaxed, and the more the better, I don't know if its the smell of the light or what, but sometimes I light (just counted) about 12 on my mantel piece and its just so much more soothing!
Films like Dirty Dancing, Ghost etc. are just classics, everyone (should) know the storylines and I just find having one of these on the TV makes life seem just that bit better; besides its always a good feeling to see Patrick Swayze on screen, I never feel very tense afterwards!!
Finally, is a new buy - a colouring book. Everyone seems to be raving about these lately and I can actually see why. The one I've picked up is from WHSmith and its a 'The Time Chamber' one, the patterns to colour in are actually beautiful. I found myself colouring for hours lately, looking round and its 2 hours later! A serious stress-reliever; if you find yourself feeling restless because of stresses, serious pick yourself one up, you can practically feel the tension leave you as you colour...



  1. I have to admit this post couldn't have come at a better time. I am loving Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland colouring book at the moment x


    1. aw thank you, hope it helps you to take sometimes to yourself and relax!
      The colouring books are just beautiful aren't they!! xx