[Jumper; Vintage | Jeans; All Saints (similar) | Boots; Zara (similar)]
 So a few weeks ago in a blog post, I wittered on about how I hated my wardrobe and everything in there had been over worn, and basically it just needed a freshen up. Well, low and behold, I went on a massive spending spree and as if by magic I now don't hate my wardrobe.. there are now items which are actually appropriate for winter (I did kinda buy 3 knitted jumpers, all coming up in Wednesdays post..!)

For me, my style kind of changes, you could say like the weather haha but genuinely the weather does play a very big roll in what I decide to put on in the morning. Often, I do dress down, yano the plan top and black jeans. But, more often then that I like to dress with a bit of colour, there is not that many neutrals in my wardrobe, to be honest I never help myself when I go shopping.. my eyes are just drawn to the bright patterns and colours. This stars-and-stripes themed jumper, I sported over the weekend being no exception. I actually picked it up in a little vintage shop in Cardiff, me not being one to automatically think to go into vintage shops, I was actually surprised as how much I like things they sold. I honesty really love this jumper and am so happy I managed to find it.. like the women behind the till said as I bought it 'no one around is going to have this jumper, apart from you' - I think that made me smile just that little bit more.

As it keeps in with the current rollneck trend that's been sported this a/w, I've got a feelings its going to get a lot of wear. I got round to wearing it over the weekend, and paired it with some simple white wash denim and warm boots. But, I do think it will go with any bottoms, because its simple enough with the cream, but the pattern of the flag will make the outfit stand out a little bit more... love love love.

A Very Burberry Christmas

So, I've tried to put off a Christmas post as much as I could as the festive spirit shouldn't really kick in until December.. well were only like a few days away now aren't we. Besides, with campaigns such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Burberry all launching beautiful Christmas ads recently, who can blame us all for being just a little bit exited for the big day, so early on... *in the voice of Noddy Holder* ITS CHRIIIISTMAS!
A few weeks back, Burberry, the ever beautiful ever giving brand they are, provided us, the viewing public with the most stunning Christmas campaign ive seen in a long time. Being a very proud owner of one of their beautiful scarves (*tries best not to sound as if I'm bragging, I'm really not*) I seemed to love this campign even more. The pride inside of of seeing this and thinking, 'wahay Romeo Bekcham has the same scarf as me!!' made me endlessly smile.
Plus the fact that everything just screams Christmas, the d├ęcor, the colours, the glitter and snow that surrounds it, just makes you jealous that you aren't Rosie Huntington-Whitley; well what day of the year don't you wish you were Rosie HW, eh? *Sad face*
Anyway, that's my thoughts on the Burberry Christmas Campaign and here's to the start of many Christmas-themed posts that'll probably run through this lil'blog of mine in the coming weeks... weeeell like I said it is nearly December, so forgive me for being just that little bit exited that the festive season is officially beginning... it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all isn't it?!


A few days in.. Cardiff

Over the weekend, as you *may* have guessed from the title, I took a trip to Cardiff; seeing my friend who's there studying in Uni. I have to say, this weekend away was very much needed, I had some time away from reality and was able to relax & shop with my friend who I've know since we were 4 -  weekends like this are always the best!
All together, We managed to squeeze in Shopping, Eating, Cocktail drinking & endless nattering all into just over a day and a half. It may be a gruelling 4 1/2 hour train journey to Cardiff from my house - the trip from north to south Wales is a liiiitle long. But, it was so worth it!

Whist in the high street, after breaking our bank accounts in Zara, we went for some leisurely afternoon tea & cake in Bakers Tea Room. Peppermint Tea and a slice of hazelnut cake filled a much needed gap - plus our feet got some much needed rest!  Later on, after putting our names down in Bills - damn busy cities and popular restaurants, we went for cocktails.. well how else do you bridge an hours wait for food, eh? Bills, as always didn't disappoint and their Halloumi Burger was devoured in minutes; we even went back for breakfast the next day - Eggs Florentine on a Sunday morning.. Bliss.
On the whole, my weekend away was absolutely lovely and I actually felt sad leaving, because it was so nice to eat, shopping and just generally relax. Plus the fact I wouldn't see my friend for months now, damn you Cardiff, why are you so far?!



A few weeks back now (could be more than a month, god its so hard to keep track of the days!) I did a post called MY AUTUMN (remember it, remember it, huh huh?! ha) Where I basically typed about all things Autumn and how much I luuurvled it. Well, to run and keep in theme with this, I thought I'd do a little MY WINTER post.

In all honesty I'm not actually sure when winter actually starts, but to me, its when the clocks go back an hour. I'm not sure if this is just a British thing, but the clock back one hour in this time of year, meaning it goes dark a lot earlier... like 4pm. This part I actually frickin' LOVE. Its just so cosy and its just the best excuse to put on your pyjamas early and cuddle on the sofa. Ok ok, it may not be the best for natural light for this bloggin' so and so; getting them snaps ain't the easiest it girls? Oh well, you have to sacrife some things in life, don't ya.

With it going dark early, this means my house basically turns into one big candle. literally. Me and my mum are candle obsessed, and is there anything cosy, like is there really? Lamps on, candles lit, cinnamon latte to hand & wrapped in a fleece blanket.. yep that's my winter.

ps. I've restained from using the C word, till December 1st, so I just left a picture of a Christmas tree I took last year below.. oops I said the word AAAH CHIRSTAMS IS SOON!

The Regulars

When it came to this post, I was going to go down the typical monthly favourites post; pick a few items I've loved from the month thing.. you know the stuff. But then it occurred to me that these items here are a little more than that, these items have been literally used religiously for as long as well, let's just say I don't remember a time I didn't own them.. you could call them regulars.. ha!
First is the espresso, well the coffee & the little mug itself. It was only the other day that it occurred to me that I can't remember what life was like before I owned a coffee machine. What would Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thur...) mornings be like without a shot of espresso.. what WOULD life me like, eh?
The coffee machine was a present for my 18th birthday last year and so was the Olivia Burton watch. The watch I own is a gold dialled, dusty pink strapped beauty that literally never leaves my wrist. I'm one of those people that can't not wear a watch out the house, so to say this is a 'regular' in my life what be an understatement.. ye I'm that girl who checks here wrist all day when she's forgot to wear it and whinges that she needs to know the time... ha.
For beauty, YSL's Black Opium is just my scent, it's probably more for night time, but oh well.. I like it. It's nearly at an end too which makes me very very sad, well yano I will just have to pick Debenhams some time soon.. On ma Lips, Clinique's 'Berry Pop' is literally a shade I've fallen in love with. Its a deep purple/berry shade, which obviously fits the autumn beauty regime perfectly, its moisturising, its long-lasting and most of all its BE-AUTIFUL.
Finally (cheers of joy?), is my brown shoes from Zara, they literally match everything, are comfy and go with my whole wardrobe, love love love...!

Red Lips & Grey Skies

[Jumper: Next | Trousers: Matalan | Shoes; Next]
Let me first just translate the title; by grey skies I mean near enough black skies, with torrential rain & hurricane-like wind, aaah Winter in Britain is here.
Anyway, amongst all this horrible horrible weather, on Saturday I took a very last minute (well, last minute for me..) trip Christmas shopping with one of my close friends. Being the ever sensible person I am, I decided that dolly shoes would be a great idea for the pouring rain - let's just say I had very soggy feet not too long after stepping out of my car to the shops #doh
Oh well, this (minor) blip didn't get me down to much, how could I, when every shop we went to had Christmas music playing, with Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE.. I know its only mid-November, but who cares; how many weeks to go, 6 weeks? 5 weeks? aaaaaah!

As I said, I decided on the most impractical shoes imaginable for the weather, but with these Matalan legging-type trousers, boots never seemed appropriate. I bought these bottoms earlier in the week and have become ideal for every occasion; they're amazingly comfy for 8 hour shifts stuck in an office (no one wants to be uncomfortable for that long, do they?!), they're dressy enough for shopping or even an evening out and to top it off, because they're such comfy material, they could even double up as joggers for lounging round the house on weekends.
I've said it before, but its true that one new piece of clothing in my wardrobe really perks me up and makes me love everything else in there.. might have to make a little trip to Matalan to pick up some more of these bottoms, besides who can go wrong for £10 each?!?!


Dainty Jewellery Appreciation

Hi I'm Lisa and I like dainty jewellery. Yes yes I may like the occasional statement necklace, the occasional ring that's as big as two pound coin, but daily, usually, I like dainty jewellery that's small - not bringing any attention. Here, as you can see are my favourite pieces, the small gold rings that emphasise rather then take over my fingers. Some small stud-like earrings that are easy to wear and comfortable - none of these heavy ones that make your lobes drop, I like the little necklaces that have small shapes, pretty is word I'd most definitely use.
On the whole, I'd not particularly call my self a massive lover of jewellery, but I do often like to add the odd ring or small necklace to an outfit. Sometimes, it just boosts the outfit I feel, giving it a special touch. If I were to dress up an outfit, I like to do it subtly, too much and it can look, I want to say 'tacky' if not done right. Well, the way I see it, the lighter the weight of my earrings are, the less likely I am to have drooped ear lobes aged 40, HA; what a weird way to thing about jewellery...

The Last Couple of Days..

 So this post is a bit of a mish-mash of my life over the past few days, because I've been quite busy really, doing all good things!
These photos aren't really in any kind of order, but basically, over the past few days/ week or so, I went out for Halloween and attempted to be a vampire. Paining my face all white with cheap face paint - which turned out a disaster because someone told me I smelt like a Crayola crayon so instantly wipe it all off in the toilets! Oh well, I had a so so night... going out 'drinking' isn't my idea of fun at all, but I tried to make an effort because it was Halloween..
Later on last week, I went with my mum to the nearest fireworks display which was a nice evening, all tucked up in a scarf and hat.. always a good idea to watch a fireworks display!
On Friday, me and mum finally got round to watching the new James Bond film: Spectre, which I've basically wanted to see since it was announced there was a new one. To be honest, James Bond films are always good watching because it's all action and the Britishness is actually quite comforting.. ok, its one of those were you're not quite sure what the storyline is, but Daniel Craig makes it a delight to watch..
Finally, on Saturday I went for a lovely catch up with my friend to Costa - see what I wore here. The photo below may be just the grainiest photo I've every uploaded on this blog, but my local Costa have REALLY bad lighting.. oh well I wanted a picture to document a nice day..!


I Couldn’t Even See The Forest For The Trees

 [Top; New Look (similar) | Jacket; Next | Jeans; Diesel (similar) | Shoes; Boden

 I'm not going to lie, the title of this post is kinda a lyric from Bring me to the Horizon's 'True Friends' song, because I've basically become obsessed and its on repeat at every opportunity. To be honest, songs like that are the polar opposite to what I usually listen to, I'm usually the one who screams S Club in the house and knows pretty much every One Direction song out there #lol. So to like a song like this is, well, different.

Anyway, apart from my new faze of liking rock music (this'll last approx. 10 days, as with everything else!) I had lovely day Saturday, were I went on a lovely catch-up/ coffee date with my best friend to Costa; our genuine favourite activity. As it was on obvious casual afternoon, I didn't dig out the Mulberry heels or anything along those lines, I simply wore some denim jeans, my Boden jewelled flats (actually favs) and this burgundy fizz-bomb of a jacket. Ok, I'll admit, the jacket isn't mine. I did that thing were I had nothing to wear so dug through my mum's wardrobe, and hey presto! the jacket was calling - it so handy having a fashionable mother! (she'll lovely me for typing that!!)
So, this rather dark looking outfit was casual enough for a coffee out, but weirdly reflects the faze of my liking Bring me to the Horizon ha, don't worry I'm going to start wearing black lippy or planning a neck tattoo.. think I better start blaring the reach up for the stars, preeeetty handy HAHA!

40 Hours in 1 Pair of Shoes


When Dolly Parton sang 'working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living' I never thought I'd ever be so  true to how my life is currently. As of late, I've seemed to have gone up the independence ladder and got myself a proper adult job; working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 in an office which (although may sound dull) sells double glazing - you have to start somewhere in this world don't you!  
As its a much longer day then I've been used to, with school never being a longer day than 6, I've had to adjust my routine slightly. And with this I've also had to adjust what I wear, no all black everythaaang like sixth form was. I can now dress as fancy as I like, and this includes wearing shoes which I like - this obviously means wearing some nice looking block heels - every day's a fashion show, as they say!!
These brown beauts are from Next, having already mentioned these a few posts back on my first day outfit post I won't bore you again with the details. I'll just fill you in on the state of my feet - surprisingly I can work eight hours and come home and not even notice I've worn heels all day. Ok, office working may not require energetic spiriting of miles (having been a waitress for 4 years, a change in pace has been brilliant) but, still you still have to move about, so to end each day and have no blisters or pain from a pair of shoes is an A++ from me.
As I type this, I've probably put the curse of a life time on myself and am going to be doomed with the mother of all blisters tomorrow; well, every now and again I do swap work shoes to give my feet a liiiitle rest; if the worst happens at least my feet looked good at the beginning of working life...

Made for Walkin'

 [Top; Zara (similar) , Jeans: All Saints (similar), Boots; Next, Sunglasses; Prada]
So, coming your way this evening is a bit of a casual post. A casual outfit from the weekend, where I hoped on a train to my cousins house and later attempted to be a vampire.. obviously this outfit is from a few hours previously - this would've been one lousy attempt otherwise haha.
To be honest, these kinds of outfits are worn when I've ran out of inspiration. You know when your in a situation were you haven't been shopping for a long long time and you kinda have fallen out of love with your wardrobe.
As its the changing of the seasons once more and autumn starts to tick over to winter, more woollen jumpers and boots need to be the uniform, but honestly, I haven't really packed away the summery clothes - nor have I quite dug out the knitwear.
Basically, long story short, I am in a need of a huge winter haul in the form of Zara or Next - my two favourites! In a few weeks I'm visiting my best friend who's in Uni in Cardiff so (after the 4.5 hour train ride) we'll hopefully hit the shops and my new found regular wage can be handed over in exchange for a more winter-appropriate wardrobe - and I can fall back in love with the clothes I wear!

Instagram Update #4

So, here we are again. I'm here with another round up of my month or so, over on Instagram. If you're sad like me (lol) and take Instagram a lot more serious than it really should be, then you will notice I've gone with a red/autumnal theme. Well, it seemed appropriate really didn't it, though yano a change might be on the cards with winter creeping in now (www the excitement) Anyway, here's my update of my little world..
First Row: HALLOWEEN | My Friday work outfit | The sky looking extremely beautiful the other night.
Second Row: Splurging on a Burberry scarf with no regrets | Another week, another bunch of flowers |
'Better Latte Than Never' - best mug ever.
Third Row: Autumn leaves | A theatre trip to Dirty Dancing | Showing big love for Barry M.
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