40 Hours in 1 Pair of Shoes


When Dolly Parton sang 'working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living' I never thought I'd ever be so  true to how my life is currently. As of late, I've seemed to have gone up the independence ladder and got myself a proper adult job; working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 in an office which (although may sound dull) sells double glazing - you have to start somewhere in this world don't you!  
As its a much longer day then I've been used to, with school never being a longer day than 6, I've had to adjust my routine slightly. And with this I've also had to adjust what I wear, no all black everythaaang like sixth form was. I can now dress as fancy as I like, and this includes wearing shoes which I like - this obviously means wearing some nice looking block heels - every day's a fashion show, as they say!!
These brown beauts are from Next, having already mentioned these a few posts back on my first day outfit post I won't bore you again with the details. I'll just fill you in on the state of my feet - surprisingly I can work eight hours and come home and not even notice I've worn heels all day. Ok, office working may not require energetic spiriting of miles (having been a waitress for 4 years, a change in pace has been brilliant) but, still you still have to move about, so to end each day and have no blisters or pain from a pair of shoes is an A++ from me.
As I type this, I've probably put the curse of a life time on myself and am going to be doomed with the mother of all blisters tomorrow; well, every now and again I do swap work shoes to give my feet a liiiitle rest; if the worst happens at least my feet looked good at the beginning of working life...

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