A few days in.. Cardiff

Over the weekend, as you *may* have guessed from the title, I took a trip to Cardiff; seeing my friend who's there studying in Uni. I have to say, this weekend away was very much needed, I had some time away from reality and was able to relax & shop with my friend who I've know since we were 4 -  weekends like this are always the best!
All together, We managed to squeeze in Shopping, Eating, Cocktail drinking & endless nattering all into just over a day and a half. It may be a gruelling 4 1/2 hour train journey to Cardiff from my house - the trip from north to south Wales is a liiiitle long. But, it was so worth it!

Whist in the high street, after breaking our bank accounts in Zara, we went for some leisurely afternoon tea & cake in Bakers Tea Room. Peppermint Tea and a slice of hazelnut cake filled a much needed gap - plus our feet got some much needed rest!  Later on, after putting our names down in Bills - damn busy cities and popular restaurants, we went for cocktails.. well how else do you bridge an hours wait for food, eh? Bills, as always didn't disappoint and their Halloumi Burger was devoured in minutes; we even went back for breakfast the next day - Eggs Florentine on a Sunday morning.. Bliss.
On the whole, my weekend away was absolutely lovely and I actually felt sad leaving, because it was so nice to eat, shopping and just generally relax. Plus the fact I wouldn't see my friend for months now, damn you Cardiff, why are you so far?!


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