Dainty Jewellery Appreciation

Hi I'm Lisa and I like dainty jewellery. Yes yes I may like the occasional statement necklace, the occasional ring that's as big as two pound coin, but daily, usually, I like dainty jewellery that's small - not bringing any attention. Here, as you can see are my favourite pieces, the small gold rings that emphasise rather then take over my fingers. Some small stud-like earrings that are easy to wear and comfortable - none of these heavy ones that make your lobes drop, no.thank.you. I like the little necklaces that have small shapes, pretty is word I'd most definitely use.
On the whole, I'd not particularly call my self a massive lover of jewellery, but I do often like to add the odd ring or small necklace to an outfit. Sometimes, it just boosts the outfit I feel, giving it a special touch. If I were to dress up an outfit, I like to do it subtly, too much and it can look, I want to say 'tacky' if not done right. Well, the way I see it, the lighter the weight of my earrings are, the less likely I am to have drooped ear lobes aged 40, HA; what a weird way to thing about jewellery...

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